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AI Paragraph Rewriter

Generate, edit, and repurpose copy with HubSpot’s free AI-powered paragraph rewriter functionality.

  • Generate blogs, website copy, and more in a breeze

  • Scale your content output without additional budget or resources

  • Generate leads with high-quality content across platforms

  1. Easily reword text with AI.

    Creating fresh and high-value content is required to capture new prospects and engage existing customers. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most time-consuming aspects of many businesses’ marketing strategies.

    HubSpot’s paragraph rewriter helps businesses jumpstart their content strategy by proofreading, editing, and repurposing text. You can use it to refresh existing blog posts, generate email messaging, and rework website copy in no time. 

  1. Turn rough ideas into polished copy.

    Turning concepts in your head into copy on a page is one of the hardest parts of creating content. Enter your ideas and rough drafts into HubSpot’s paragraph rewriter, and watch as the AI engine spins them into polished content. Then take it one step further by using the AI rewriter tool to create promotional copy and share your content across multiple platforms and media.
  2. Supercharge your SEO strategy.

    Boost organic traffic and CTR by using AI to rewrite existing blog posts, refresh outdated copy, and reinvigorate product and service descriptions. Gain authority with readers and search engines alike with a continuously updated library of long-form content.
  3. Proofread your content in a fraction of the time.

    AI helps you quickly generate text, but infusing it with your brand’s voice and personality requires extra heavy lifting. Use HubSpot’s paragraph rewriter to dynamically edit your content for length, tone, and readability. Generate different iterations of your copy to find what best fits your brand and target audience.
  4. Centralize your entire content strategy.

    Switching between different content management applications, documents, and collaboration platforms is a significant time-suck. With HubSpot, you can consolidate every part of your content strategy, from inspiration to publication. Create content with AI-based tools, build a blog with free CMS software, and reach new audiences using powerful marketing features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A paragraph rewriter is an AI-powered tool that rephrases sentences or paragraphs. The tool uses machine learning to process text and then change the content’s structure, word choices, and tone.

  • You can get started with HubSpot’s paragraph rewriter for free. More advanced features are available in premium editions of Content Hub.

  • Using AI to rewrite content can help you:

    • Spend less time proofreading by automating grammar, tone, and spelling edits.
    • Repurpose existing content to be used on different platforms and media.
    • Create dozens of iterations of a single concept to help you find the language and tone that resonates with your audience.
    • Improve your content’s readability by reworking sentence structure and word choices.
  • Businesses use AI to rewrite content to:

    • Turn press releases into blogs and articles.
    • Create social copy based on long-form content.
    • Repurpose white papers and case studies into short-form copy snippets.
    • Edit landing and web page copy including meta descriptions, SEO titles, headers, and body content.
    • Quickly revise existing text based on tone and length.