How Personalization Works

With Smart Content and Personalization Tokens, HubSpot helps you treat people like people.

Relationship-driven Marketing.

Personalized marketing that's more relevant than ever before.

People change. They access your content from multiple devices. They come at it from a number of different channels. And, perhaps most importantly, as their experience with your company grows, their needs and interests change. And yet, most marketing still treats them all the same.

At the professional and enterprise level, HubSpot has Smart Content and personalization built right in, so you can show the most relevant message to each of your visitors.

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What is Smart Content?

HubSpot’s new Content Management System helps you deliver “Smart Content”, or content that is intelligently personalized to your customer’s needs. With Smart Content you can deliver content specifically tailored to where a prospect is in the buying process, or content targeted to people the very first time they visit. Smart Content lets you target content based on anything you know about your contacts, for true relationship-driven marketing.

How does Smart Content work?

Smart Content alters the content displayed within rich-text, HTML, or form modules depending on viewer characteristics. Much like HubSpot’s Smart Calls-to-Action (CTAs), Smart Content can be tailored to anonymous visitors based on their location, device, or referral source. Or, you can tailor content to known visitors based on Smart lists, or the contacts lifecycle stage. By creating Smart Lists that recognize your different lifecycle stages, you can customize the content that people in each lifecycle stage will see. Visitors see content personalized for them.

How do I use it?

When you create a new email, site page, landing page, or form in HubSpot you’ll see a “Make Smart” link in the top right of any rich-text module. Clicking that icon will open a window in which you’ll create smart rules and the dynamic content to be shown when the rules are matched.

Let’s take a look at an example.

On our homepage, we use Smart Content to personalize the name
token based on what stage of the life cycle the visitor is at.

What strangers see:

When we have first time visitors, they view what we call “default” content: a statement that could apply to any visitor viewing Until they become recognized in our system, they will continue to see the default content.

What customers see:

If the visitor has previously visited HubSpot and filled out a form, or is a customer, our system recognizes them and our tool is able to generate a personalized message for them. In this case, we use their name, Jane, as the personalization token.

The result? Personalized content does 212% better.

We looked at the data for more than 330,000 calls to action created using HubSpot over a 12 month period. What did we find? Calls-to-action targeted to the user performed 212% better than calls to action that were generic.

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