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Create and test beautiful landing pages that generate leads and look great on any device — no designers or IT help required.

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  • Build beautiful, personalized landing pages all by yourself

  • Easily convert website visitors into leads

  • Optimize your landing pages with conversion analytics and SEO suggestions

  1. Launch professional landing pages in seconds.

    Ready to generate more traffic and leads from your website? With HubSpot’s free landing page builder, you can easily build professional landing pages that attract more visitors and convert them into qualified business leads — no designers or IT help required.

    Use landing pages to support new product launches, drive event registrations, and more — then watch your CRM database fill up with interested prospects you can sell to.

  1. Create and publish new landing pages in no time.

    Quickly design and launch custom landing pages without technical expertise. Use slash and highlight commands to quickly generate content for your pages, or add SEO-friendly titles and descriptions with just a few clicks [public beta]. Choose from a library of mobile-optimized templates proven to convert, or build pages in a snap with the drag-and-drop editor. Preview how your page looks on different devices before publishing. Then watch the leads roll in.
  2. Personalize landing page content for individual visitors.

    Give visitors the best experience possible by tailoring landing page content to them. Dynamically show different content based on a visitor’s location, device, lifecycle stage, or contact detail stored in your CRM. Gather more information with dynamic forms that never ask the same question twice.
  3. Analyze, test, and optimize landing page performance.

    Use a centralized dashboard to identify your top-performing landing pages. Test page variations against each other and have HubSpot automatically choose the winner. Drive more leads by running tests on every element, including headlines, images, and more. Then use custom SEO suggestions to optimize each page for search.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A landing page is a standalone web page usually created by Sales or Marketing to gain attention for a product or event. The page is usually linked to in email campaigns or in social media content, and often contains a call-to-action or a form to convert visitors into leads.

    HubSpot landing pages are extremely easy to build and prepopulate with information from your CRM database. Beyond that, we have a whole template library to pick from, just in case you don’t have a design background.

  • Popular features of HubSpot landing pages include:

    • A WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor that makes building professional-looking landing pages easy
    • Built-in personalization so your customers always feel like you’re speaking directly to them
    • Natively integrated AI copywriting tools that allow you to generate copy on the fly
    • Analytics to understand who is coming to your landing pages and what they’re doing when they get there
    • An extensive template library for quick and easy design
    • Integration with HubSpot's Smart CRM tools or with Salesforce to keep customer records clean and up-to-date automatically
  • HubSpot’s landing page tool is part of Content Hub, and you can get started for free. If you’re looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your marketing operations, HubSpot also offers premium features with the Starter, Professional and Enterprise editions of Content Hub.

  • Implementing landing pages is typically a short process. Because there is no data migration or background work needed, the implementation time is only as long as it takes you to create the landing page and write its content. With the template library, it’s also easy to build a landing page without a designer, so your landing page can be up and running quickly.

  • Web pages are typically evergreen pages that live on your website and do not contain time-sensitive offers. Common web page types include your homepage and your "about us" page.

    Landing pages are usually designed as part of a lead generation campaign. Instead of serving informational purposes, landing pages encourage users to fill out a lead form in exchange of a beneficial offer such as gated content, free consultations, and more. In many cases, landing pages are only accessible through emails, ads, or links, and are not reachable via your website or organic search.

  • The goal of most landing pages is to capture new leads by giving users beneficial offers in exchange for contact and company details that help funnel them closer to conversion. 

  • The types of offers that appeal to your targets will vary widely based on your line of business. Some of the most common offers include:

    • Email newsletters with exclusive content
    • Online certification enrollment
    • Event registration
    • Free trials or consultations
    • Promo codes and free shipping offers