Email Template Rebuild

Design Evaluation

Submit your email template design

Send us your email design file, and we'll make sure it will work well in HubSpot.


  • Design file needs to be in HTML or PSD format

What to expect:

  • The email template will be built using our drag-and-drop editor. We do our best to minimize the amount of custom code needed.
  • The template will be our best attempt to replicate the design file you provide, but may not match exactly
  • We will make our best attempt to have your template work well in all major email clients, but it will not look identical in every email client. In particular:
    • Support for background images is not consistent across all email clients
    • Custom fonts are not widely supported
    • Full-width banners or images will require changing the global email settings in your account
    • Background color of emails is also set at the global level
  • For more info about email design best practices, and why some clients are always different, please take a look at our help article