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Template Setup

The HubSpot Replatforming Team customizes a premade set of templates and modules with your branding, allowing you to create content resembling your existing site within the HubSpot platform.

The HubSpot Template Setup service provides a premade set of templates that will resemble your website branding. These templates use drag-and-drop functionality so you can easily start creating pages and blog posts without coding knowledge.

Please note: This is a standardized service, not a tailored design or redesign process. HubSpot will reference your website's header, footer, and typography to apply a similar look and feel to standardized page layouts that you can customize and use with the default and theme modules.

The content and features in the body of your page will not be included (we will only recreate some content from your header and footer).

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Setting: Remote

Timeline: 1 - 2 weeks

Template Setup

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Common Questions

No. If you wish to download a Template Marketplace theme and customize it to fit your branding, please reach out to the Marketplace provider to discuss customizing the theme.

The URL you submit to migrate should have the header, footer, and typography that you want your templates in HubSpot to have. It can be helpful if the page has a form on it, as we may be able to apply some of your form styling to your templates.

Yes. During a Template Setup we work to resemble your website header and footer, which involves seeing what code your current site is using. We need a live URL to perform a Template Setup and cannot base it on an image or mock-up file. A live staging URL will work as well.

Yes. If you want to use a password-protected page, please share credentials to access the page when submitting your URLs to start your project.

Please see this article for more information about Template Setup deliverables. You can learn more about Template Setup limitations here.

No, we will match the language specified in your submitted URLs. To add different languages, you can translate your global content on multi-language pages.

After purchasing, you'll be able to start your project by submitting your URLs through the Migrations tab in the Account & Billing section of your portal. Then your Template Setup will typically take 1-2 weeks to complete.

When your project is complete, you’ll have 60 days to report any issues through your account. Support will be provided through written ticket communications. Template Setups do not have dedicated Replatforming Specialists.

You can report a design issue on your Template Setup project through your account.

To learn how to create a page in HubSpot, please follow along with the instructions in this article.

You can learn more about which subscriptions offer access to this service here.


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