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CRM Data Migration

Migrate off your current CRM system with ease.

We often hear that customers think that the pain of switching CRM systems outweighs the benefits to be gained by the switch.  

At HubSpot it’s the mission of the onboarding team to eliminate that notion and make it easy to migrate your data and adopt our CRM.  Our team consistently moves customers from many different CRM systems, to HubSpot, with minimal disruption to their businesses. 

You can rest assured that our team of experts and proven model for migrating your CRM data into HubSpot will work for you regardless of your industry or current tool. 

How do you get started? 

HubSpot CRM Data Migration

Is your data too complex to fit into a .csv file and you don’t have the expertise or bandwidth on your team to do the work? Don’t worry, we offer a service in which we will migrate your data for you.

We follow a 4 step process to successfully migrate your data into HubSpot

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Audit your current CRM system and data: We will review your current CRM systems and data, identify the data that needs to be migrated, and help recommend any clean up that needs to be done.

Design import strategy: We will design the approach to migrate your data into HubSpot including - map your data to your new HubSpot process, determine the technical approach for migrating, define the timing

Perform test migration: Before we move all your data, we will perform a test so we can validate, in HubSpot, that we have everything complete and correct.

Perform full migration: Once we are ready, we will execute the migration and you will be ready to use your data in HubSpot!

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Need something custom? We can develop a tailored solution based on your needs. We also have a strong network of partners that will be able to help you.