Migration Services

Technical setup and marketing campaign assistance to match your business needs.
We'll provide everything you need to hit the ground running and ensure your
first campaign with us is a success.


The HubSpot Migrations Team creates a set of blog, website, and landing page templates that closely resemble the style of your existing site within the HubSpot platform.


The HubSpot Migrations Team recreates your existing blog within the HubSpot platform, transferring your blog content and the look and feel of your blog.


The HubSpot Migrations Team recreates your existing website within the HubSpot platform, transferring your content and the look and feel of your whole site.

Email Template Rebuild

The HubSpot Migrations Team builds custom email templates optimized for the HubSpot Platform.

  • Below are some examples of content types and features that HubSpot cannot migrate:

    • Database-driven pages

    • Login or members-only section

    • Mega menus, image based menus, or menus with non-linked content (descriptions or paragraph content)

    • E-commerce functionality

    • Progressive forms/forms with logic

    • Calculators and other gizmos that use server-side scripts

    • Live chat

    • Most ads

    • Video files that are not .swf (.flv, .mov, .mp4, .wmv, etc.)

    • User-generated content (forums, ratings, etc.)

    • Forms requesting Personally Identifiable Information

    • Blog comments will not be transferred over from your existing blog to your HubSpot blog. Third party commenting features such as Disqus and Facebook commenting will not be migrated.

    • Dealer locators

    • Real estate listings and search if managed on their site

    • Flash websites, Flash navigation, and Flash with embedded links/multiple files associated

  • Certain rollover effects, tables, anchor tags, or popups may change
    Precise spacing, non-standard fonts, and column widths may change
    Responsive layout may change

  • The URL you provide to our migration team must be to a live page/site so we can access the HTML and CSS being used on the page to replicate the content in HubSpot.
  • Yes, you can submit a live URL to a staging site.
  • Yes, as long as you provide the password.

  • No, we will replicate your existing blog in HubSpot.
  • No, our migration services will replicate your existing site format/content, not redesign it. If you would like to redesign your site, we recommend either doing so BEFORE requesting a HubSpot migration service or working with a HubSpot partner who can redesign and migrate your site.

Please speak with your CSM (Customer Success Manager) if you have any questions or concerns. If you're unsure who your Customer Success Manager is, please use the Help button in the bottom right-hand corner of your account to contact HubSpot Support.

Meet Our Team

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    Katelyn Eklund

    Migrations Specialist
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    James Cutler

    Senior Migrations Specialist
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    Dennis Okenquist

    Senior Migrations Specialist
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    Yoshiaki Yanagisawa

    Migrations Specialist