Technical Consulting Projects

Work with a dedicated HubSpot Technical Consultant to achieve your goals using the HubSpot software.

What You Get With One-time Technical Consulting

With one-time technical consulting, you’ll have a dedicated Technical Consultant who will listen to your goals, and design a plan to get you where you want to be. We’ll work to understand the scope of your technical project, design a solution, and support your team through the implementation. Here are some common examples of consulting projects:

Salesforce Integration Audit

Work with a Technical Consultant to maximize your HubSpot-Salesforce integration. We'll help you get the integration in order, manage your data effectively, and get the reporting you need. Typical topics covered include:

  • Discovery session to understand your goals and challenges
  • An offline audit of your existing setup to determine necessary changes
  • As needed, additional consulting on lead scoring, inclusion list, field mapping, segmentation, and selective sync from Salesforce
  • Discussion around best practices for passing leads to Sales
  • Assistance with configuring closed-loop reporting and building custom reports in HubSpot
Integration Support

Our HubSpot Technical Consultant will work with your technical teams to provide guidance and best practices for integrating with HubSpot’s APIs. Typical topics covered include:

  • Discovery to understand integration needs and requirements
  • Discussion and recommendation of integration architecture and approach
  • Review of and recommendations for specific API endpoints to use
  • Support and troubleshooting for HubSpot’s APIs
  • Training for HubSpot users to take advantage of integration
Sending Successful Emails

Work with a HubSpot Technical Consultant to learn the in-and-outs of building on HubSpot’s CMS. We’ll discuss best practices, recommend workflows, and provide support. Typical topics covered include:

  • Overview of HubSpot design tools and CMS
  • Walkthrough of HubSpot’s markup language, HubL
  • Training on local development workflow
  • Recommendations on website infrastructure
  • Support and troubleshooting for HubSpot’s CMS, APIs, and custom code built in HubSpot

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Setting: Remote

Duration: 4 hours over 90 days

SKU Name: Technical Consulting: 4 Hour

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