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Technical Consulting Projects

Work with a dedicated HubSpot Technical Consultant for expert guidance on deploying HubSpot software.

What’s included in a technical consulting project?

A technical consulting project is led by a dedicated HubSpot consultant who will help you get the most out of your HubSpot software. We’ll work with you to understand the scope of your technical project, design a solution, and leverage proven best practices to guide your team through the implementation.

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Below are common examples of technical consulting projects:

Automate simple or complex business processes by working with a Technical Consultant to better understand HubSpot’s Workflows tool.

Build reports in HubSpot that satisfy your needs by working with a Technical Consultant to understand reporting tips and tricks.

Work with a Technical Consultant to understand how to set up one HubSpot custom object that is defined, created, and ready to be associated to relevant HubSpot standard objects.

Key Details

Price: Standard offering starting at

Duration: Standard offering starts at 8 hours

Setting: Remote

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Prefer to work with us onsite or ongoing, or need a HubSpot partner to help?

Onsite Consulting

Meet with a Technical Consultant face-to-face to learn how you and your team can implement new tools and systems.

Ongoing Consulting

Work with a dedicated HubSpot Technical Consultant on a weekly or monthly basis to receive ongoing guidance for longer-term technical needs.

Solutions Partners

Work with a HubSpot Solutions Partner to receive technical consulting and hands-on support in the execution of your HubSpot implementation.

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