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PERT Diagram for Excel, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, Google Slides

Plan every activity of your project to have more control over timings and key activities with the help of this Pert diagram.

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Available for Excel & Google Sheets & PowerPoint & Google Slides

Template Highlights

  • Design the roadmap for your next project to visualize the relationship between each activity and improve delivery times.
  • Use the template in Excel, PowerPoint, Google Sheets, or Google Slides.
  • Easily obtain approval for the activity program and schedule.
  • Communicate project objectives with participants from all teams before the kick-off.
  • Create a detailed plan of activities, milestones, and key points graphically to have better control over your resources.
  • Make more accurate time estimates for each activity in your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Pert diagram is a graphical representation of the tasks in a project. It shows how the tasks are connected to each other from the beginning to the end of the project. It is very useful as an activity program and estimated schedule.

To create your own Pert diagram, start by identifying the activities of the project. Then, define the dependency between each activity and link the tasks progressively. Set the dates to form the schedule, and finally, monitor the activities. From this point on, you will need to manage the resources to meet the proposed deadlines. In case of delays, reflect the changes in the diagram to adapt subsequent activities.

Certainly, make the necessary changes to adapt it to your company's corporate image or your personal brand.

Yes, this template is completely free.