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Aermec Increases Web Traffic by 1,377% with HubSpot

Aermec North America wanted to increase brand awareness with a flexible solution to support its marketing funnel. With Marketing Hub, they increased web traffic, social media followers, and more.

  • 1377% web traffic rise

  • 96% traffic rank increase

  • 44% social media growth


Aermec North America strives to provide the most efficient and innovative HVAC solutions to the North American market that includes chillers, heat pumps, and the world's quietest fan coils.


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    Lack of Engagement and Low Brand Awareness

    Aermec North America required an all-in-one marketing solution to generate brand awareness, increase website traffic, improve search engine optimization, and gain traction on social media.

    Its website had few touchpoints for customer interactions, and its website traffic ranking was the weakest it had ever been, averaging around 13 million.

    Aermec North America had social media accounts, but engagement was low, with few followers and shares.

    This lack of engagement was having a direct impact on Aermec North America’s brand awareness among engineers, which was an issue because of Aermec North America’s unique sales and marketing funnel.

    Unlike most funnels, Aermec North America doesn’t sell its HVAC products directly to consumers. It works with manufacturing representatives across Canada and the United States who then have products specified by engineers in their territory. Manufacturing reps then sell Aermec products to local contractors.

    “Our sales funnel has many layers and does not flow in the traditional manner,” says Danielle Ottaviano, Marketing Coordinator at Aermec North America.

    Therefore, the Aermec North America team needed a marketing solution with the flexibility to adapt to its unique needs and support the customer journey through each stage of the sales funnel.

    Aermec North America Uses Marketing Hub Professional to Increase Its Digital Presence and Traffic Rankings by 96%

    After comparing solutions, executives at Aermec chose HubSpot Marketing Hub and Professional Contacts as its new marketing solution.

    Initially, Danielle didn’t know what to expect with the software but was quickly reassured.

    “The HubSpot team was absolutely amazing with onboarding,” says Danielle. “They were able to provide the technical and strategic support we needed to achieve our marketing goals.”

    HubSpot had regular meetings with Danielle and her team, providing them with recommendations to set their growth path in motion.

    “It was a great collaboration,” says Danielle. “If I needed help, they were there to provide assistance.”

    HubSpot’s marketing solution allowed Aermec North America to tailor its promotional strategy to specific audiences and attract similar audiences eager to consume and engage with its digital content.

    Some of the most important features of the HubSpot marketing solution are:

    Reports and analytics

    Aermec North America is using reports and analytics to see which marketing assets are working the hardest and find opportunities to deliver more value to customers. All call to actions (CTAs) on the website are clickable and tracked for even greater insights into visitor actions.

    For example, water volume is an important calculation when purchasing a heat pump or chiller. Engineers need to know how much water volume is required for the product model they choose.

    Initially, Aermec North America put this information in a PDF document on its website. But by using Marketing Hub reporting and analytics, Danielle realized the document was being accessed frequently, and was potentially getting in the way of the customers’ journey, because it was time consuming and challenging to find the correct value in the PDF document.

    Consequently, Danielle and her team decided to convert the document into an online calculator. Now, customers can simply input a product model and model number to calculate the exact water volume needed for the product.

    The change was so effective, the volume of clicks to access the information increased 87% on average.

    “This change removed friction from the customer journey and made our site easier and more efficient to use,” says Danielle. “The tool revealed what our visitors were interested in, and we were able to make the process of accessing that information easier for them."

    Landing pages

    Aermec North America is using landing pages to generate campaigns at the top of its funnel with webinar registrations and in the middle of its funnel with downloadable content and blog subscriptions. These pages are optimized for all devices and have forms that can be completed in one-click.

    With Marketing Hub Professional, Danielle and her team also implemented landing pages for every Aermec representative across North America, something that would have been prohibitively time consuming before.

    “We currently have over 30 representatives in territories across Canada and the United States. Some reps have a number of offices, which adds up to 85 locations and 85 landing pages,” says Danielle. “With HubSpot, we used a template and just changed the logo and office information to develop a customized solution for each rep and office location.”

    Danielle and her team have also put additional new content on the website, including a knowledge base with information on prevalent industry topics, a process made easier with tools for consistent formatting and search optimization.

    Pop up forms

    Aermec North America is using pop up forms to seamlessly convert website visitors into leads. Danielle can customize how pop ups look and when they appear.

    Information from completed forms is automatically sent to team members.

    “Team members get leads immediately and either respond or direct them to the right person,” says Danielle. “No lead is lost.”

    Social media

    Danielle and her team are also much more active on social media with Marketing Hub Professional and never miss an opportunity to engage with followers.

    They’re monitoring brand mentions, finding relevant conversations, tracking engagements, and scheduling social media posts.

    Social performance is measured across every major channel in one place, so Danielle and her team can see the content that is most popular on each social media platform.

    As a result, Danielle and her team are getting a lot more engagement. From 2019 to 2020, they saw a 44% collective growth in followers across all social media platforms.

    1,377% Increase in Web Traffic

    With the help of Marketing Hub Professional and Professional Contacts, traffic to Aermec North America’s website has increased an astonishing 1,377%, rising from 300 visits per month to an average of 4,100 visitors per month over a three year period.

    Aermec North America’s traffic ranking has also improved 96%, currently hovering around 500,000. The lower the traffic rank number the better, so this was a significant improvement from 13,000,000.

    Social media shares have also improved, growing 60%.

    All the new content topics on Aermec North America’s knowledge base are also paying off. Content sessions improved 21% from 2019 to 2020.

    Today, Aermec North America continues to see improvements.

    “Our traffic, our social media, all the things we wanted to improve have improved,” says Danielle. “We’re seeing that growth over time, and it’s been amazing. Without HubSpot, we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

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