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Alleanza Assicurazioni Enhances Employer Branding with HubSpot

Alleanza Assicurazioni, a leading insurance company worked with Hubspot Solutions Partner Digital Dictionary to generate excellent Employer Branding through Inbound Recruiting and the use of a chatbot.

  • 1,968 leads generated

  • 2,711 job applications

  • 125 Hires

Alleanza Assicurazioni

Alleanza Assicurazioni S.p.A. is an insurance company of Generali Group, established in 1898 and operating throughout Italy with 15,000 employees, a large number of agencies, and almost 2 million clients.


Company Size:


Use Case:


    Lead Generation for Inbound Recruiting

    Alleanza Assicurazioni needed to attract young graduates to join the Group's network of insurance consultants working in local agencies. However, the company struggled with the stereotypes linked to the role of the insurer: a profession seen as unattractive by Millennials seeking employment. To dispel these preconceptions and demonstrate that the insurance consultant is a desirable profession, Alleanza created an Employer Branding strategy by creating the blog called “MoltodiPiù” in HubSpot. The blog aims to help young people enter the world of work by educating them about the job of an insurance consultant, which is a stimulating profession full of challenges and suitable for those who want to make a career. The articles, downloadable insights, and pop-up forms on the portal aim to convert users to an application form owned by Alleanza.

    Results: the Inbound Recruiting activities brought out 1,968 new leads into the CRM, 2.711 applications, and 125 hires into Alliance agencies. The rate of entries on applications of almost 5%: which an extremely positive figure if you consider that it usually is 2/3% in the insurance sector.

    To promote Talent Acquisition, Alleanza created a chatbot within the HubSpot chatflows tool, called Dipiù, one of the few recruiting bots in Italy. Despite only being in operation for a short time, the performance is positive, with 163 conversations and 44 direct applications so far.

    Implementing a Lead Nurturing Strategy Through E-mail Marketing

    Thanks to nurturing implemented with the Workflows tool in Marketing Hub, Alleanza has maintained a relationship with leads who have not yet converted. The e-mails which timed and contextual, provide more value with the topics most appreciated by young users within the MoltodiPiù blog. The first workflow activated concerns creating an effective Curriculum Vitae and advice on how to face a job interview, two crucial steps for those looking for a job.

    Result: The first nurturing workflow emails were sent to 1,492 users and obtained an average Open Rate of 23%.


    Download Area: A Hub of Downloadable Resources

    After a few months of activity, Alleanza decided to collect all the rewards and downloadable resources in one place, making them easily accessible from the blog header in a section called the “Download Area,” a Landing Page that brings together all the rewards and Pillar Pages of the topic clusters.

    The advantages of this choice are many: the Download Area facilitates lead generation, gathering all those resources that would otherwise be accessible only within the blog articles, and helps the positioning of the blog in search engines, for the SEO principle that a resource should never be positioned beyond the "3 clicks" to be reached.

    Results: since its creation, the Download Area has recorded 2,353 views, primarily generated on an organic level.

    HubSpot tools used:

    • CMS: website and blog completely based on HubSpot;
    • Blog: blog posts written according to the logic of Inbound Marketing and SEO principles;
    • Landing Page: TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU Landing Pages created in-house with HubSpot; 
    • Forms: all forms were created with HubSpot, included pop-up forms; 
    • Lists: Alleanza segmented all internal contacts according to areas and functionalities of interest; 
    • Workflows: Alleanza activated workflows to allow lead nurturing; 
    • Emails: Direct Email Marketing, follow up emails, and nurturing emails to feed lead engagement over time; 
    • CTAs: CTAs in line with brand identity are arranged at strategic points on the website, emails, and blog posts; 
    • Campaigns: all activities carried out internally with HubSpot are organized according to specific campaigns; 
    • Chatbot: the chatbot for Inbound Recruiting has been created with HubSpot according to a conversion logic;
    • Reports: monthly and quarterly reports are produced using HubSpot’s dashboards. 
    •  "We are one of the few companies in Italy that has developed an Inbound Recruiting strategy. Thanks to Digital Dictionary, which supported us in communicating the Employer Branding strategy in support of recruiting processes for talent for the insurance world, we have multiplied the lead generation oriented to the reception of target curricula"

      Cristina M,

      Head of Communication, Content & Media - Alleanza Assicurazioni

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