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Leading the Way in Italian Fintech and Consumer Credit: Fully Digital, Quick, and No-Paper Processes Managed in HubSpot

Discover how ConTe.it Prestiti, thanks to the adoption of the HubSpot CRM and the collaboration with Exelab, enterprise system integrator and HubSpot partner, has managed to create a data and process infrastructure useful for optimally managing relationships with its clients and maximizing marketing, sales, and customer service activities.

  • 15+ Different systems integration

  • 100+ Active workflows

  • 8 Teams involved

ConTe.it Prestiti

ConTe.it Prestiti is the new FinTech venture of the Admiral Group launched in 2022. The company was born from an idea developed within ConTe.it's innovation department "Innolab," which since 2008 has been providing digital products in the insurance field for cars and motorcycles online.


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    The Challenge and Goals

    The financial sector is subject to many regulations, and creating a 100% compliant digital product is not an easy task. In fact, the financial world often relies on legacy systems, with which even the simplest integrations between proprietary software and external portals become a challenge that is sometimes impossible to overcome.

    The goal of ConTe.it Prestiti is to create a system that genuinely puts customer needs at the center, building a simple customer journey tailored to the needs of each client, fully respecting all the rules imposed by the sector.

    In particular, this includes:

    • A 100% digital product and an entirely online loan request process;
    • An easy and intuitive user experience;
    • Immediate initial feedback to every loan request;

    The Solution

    ConTe.it Prestiti development team, with the coordination and support of Exelab, the chosen HubSpot partner, worked on the integration part, managing to make various systems communicate efficiently in support of the loan lifecycle, and centralizing all information within HubSpot.

    15 different heterogeneous systems were interconnected using the most innovative, entirely cloud-based technologies. Through the development of custom solutions, all information related to ConTe.it Prestiti customer-facing processes has been made available within the CRM.

    This was a real "game changer" in all customer relationship activities, both pre and post-sales, bringing efficiency in process management also thanks to accessibility to all relevant information in areas of the business typically equipped with less intuitive tools and hard-to-find information.

    Just 2 months after the platform's market launch, the high-value activities made possible by the configuration and proper use of HubSpot were already many:

    • Over 100 active workflows to manage automations, marketing campaigns, and support ticketing;
    • 8 teams involved, with different roles and access permissions to manage every phase of the customer lifecycle;

    Key Points

    The aim is to ensure that all users responsible for managing the relationship with users and customers, at any stage of the process, are enabled to do so in the best possible way. The loan request funnel is fully integrated with HubSpot, so as to track user actions in HubSpot and generate automatic, albeit highly personalized, sales, marketing, and customer service activities that accompany the user throughout the loan request process.

    CMS Hub

    The website was developed using HubSpot's proprietary CMS to have full control of the user experience and ensure a constant and always up-to-date data flow, allowing the analysis of user behavior, being proactive, and setting up data-based sales, marketing, and customer service strategies.

    CRM Fully Integrated

    The CRM was customized to meet the specific needs of the client, and the integration that allows the CRM to communicate instantly with management systems was developed, in order to have all information available in HubSpot and allow the management of all processes in an integrated way

    Increasing Conversions

    Thanks to HubSpot, ConTe.it Prestiti was able to optimize sales processes and customer relationships with the aim of increasing conversions, maximizing operator efficiency, and simplifying work methodologies. In particular, both inbound and outbound processes have been rationalized and optimized, integrating them with the client's management system.

    HubSpot, a flexible tool, has been crucial for us. Its simplicity and versatility let us focus on our real business needs. It enhances customer centricity, a driving force of our products and operations.

    Francesco Cristofaro

    Head of IT and UX

    ConTe.it Prestiti

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