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Revolutionizing the Customer Journey: The Power of HubSpot for Unmatched Efficiency and Control

Unipol's Open Innovation Transforms Electric Mobility - Discover How Cambiobike, with the support of Exelab, enterprise system integrator and HubSpot partner, Revolutionized the High-End E-Bike Online Shopping Experience

  • 70% Reduction in Average order handling time

  • 40% Increase in targeted activities

  • 39% Reduction in financing approval time


Cambiobike is a project dedicated to sustainable and electric mobility, launched by Cambiomarcia, a company within the Unipol Group. The company and the project were conceived to develop and offer products and services dedicated to electric bicycles.


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    The Challenge and Goals

    Cambiobike is a company that operates in a rapidly expanding market, that of electric bicycles, which recorded a growth of 145% between 2019 and 2020, and is expected to reach a further 100% by 2026. By 2025, one in five bicycles will be electric.

    This rapid market growth represents both opportunities and challenges for Cambiobike, which has chosen to maintain full control of the customer journey in order to offer the highest quality service to its customers and stand out from its competitors.

    The decision was made to offer a digital experience that combines the efficiency of technology with a warm human relationship. Personalized paths have been designed to meet the different needs of users in terms of their comfort with technology, but always guaranteeing a high level of service.

    In fact, users can choose to receive step-by-step support throughout the entire purchasing process, or manage the process independently in a few minutes, including any financing requests. the main challenge was to make such a complex model scalable, which is distinguished by the quality of the service offered. To manage and control the customer experience to the best of their ability, Cambiobike needed a high-performance, scalable tool that could be easily adopted by the internal team.

    The Solution

    Cambiobike has built a fully customized technological infrastructure for their business model, providing customers with an innovative online shopping experience. In just 3 months, thanks to the coordinated work developed alongside Exelab, the company was able to launch the new business with a platform highly integrated with the HubSpot CRM.

    They developed centralized functionalities in HubSpot to constantly track and monitor performance, manage and track the entire business process from lead acquisition to product delivery and post-sales support, innovatively organize and manage the customer portfolio to achieve greater efficiency in contact, manage marketing assets such as landing pages, DEM and SMS, map workflows, control the real-time order management status and constantly monitor customer opinion and sentiment.

    In addition, the Cambiobike purchase process involves various financing options and the possibility of benefiting from agreements with the Unipol Group. Both of these features required the development of advanced features and deep integration with the CRM.

    Key Points

    Since HubSpot became the hub of Cambiobike's activities, there has not been a single business process that was not designed to be HubSpot-centric.

    Thanks to integration in every department, HubSpot now supports marketing activities, sales, and customer service, in addition to managing every aspect of post-purchase processes. 

    E-commerce has been fully integrated so that any information related to the sales process can be analyzed and managed directly in HubSpot. A member area was built from scratch, through HubSpot's CMS, and data analysis dashboards were created to always have a clear view of the results' progress.

    Everything was designed to flow into HubSpot: the management and provision of financing, the management of the shipping process, the management and analysis of marketing campaigns, and all administrative activities thanks to the technological integration between the ERP and the CRM.

    Even customer service activities and post-sales support have been integrated into HubSpot and are managed by operators directly within the platform, also thanks to the complete integration of telephone systems. Proudly, today, HubSpot is the beating heart of Cambiobike.

    HubSpot has seamlessly integrated with our needs and allowed us to achieve great results in a short time. Today, it represents the beating heart of the company.

    Nicola Giunchi



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