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Contact Centre EvaluAgent Increases Leads 30% with HubSpot

Since partnering with HubSpot in 2015, EvaluAgent has increased leads by 30% and saw its landing page conversion rates grow by 20%.

  • 30% increase in leads

  • 20% increase in conversion rate

  • 60% increase in leads from social media


EvaluAgent's innovative software helps contact centres rediscover the missing link between engaged employees and outstanding customer experience.


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    Getting Strategic and Going Inbound

    Founded in 2012, EvaluAgent soon established itself as a leading supplier of workforce engagement and performance management software. As the company grew from a startup into a mid-sized business, it identified the need for marketing automation to generate more qualified leads, so it could increase sales and grow. Before partnering with HubSpot, EvaluAgent’s marketing activity included outbound tactics, such as events and advertising, as well as content creation, although its content wasn’t optimised for lead generation.

    EvaluAgent launched its inbound marketing strategy with the goal of increasing top of funnel leads and ultimately, driving demo requests for its sales organisation. The company’s Marketing Director, Ali Zaman shared, “We wanted to improve the effectiveness of our inbound marketing and get more qualified leads to our website, which we could then nurture until they become ready to speak with our sales team.”

    Ali and his team previously used MailChimp and Hootsuite to run their marketing activities, but these tools did not provide the analytics or data needed to make fully-informed strategic marketing and business decisions. On top of this, using disparate tools was time-consuming to manage. Having these various tools, each with its own analytics, made it difficult to understand which marketing activity worked best.

    EvaluAgent needed software that would enable its marketing team to generate leads, as well as provide tools to nurture them in a structured and automated way. Ali explains, “We were already creating some content, but I knew we needed marketing software to join up our activity and help us prove the ROI of our efforts.”

    He evaluated other marketing software platforms, including Marketo, before deciding on the HubSpot Marketing Platform. Ali says, “I had heard great things about HubSpot from industry colleagues, but more importantly, I knew the software delivered results. After visiting HubSpot’s website and reviewing the resources available, it was clear they’re the market leader. I knew that HubSpot was the right choice for us."

    Creating Value from the HubSpot Marketing Platform

    As part of its inbound marketing strategy, EvaluAgent ramped up content creation and produced a whitepaper on contact centre gamification and a playbook designed for call centre team leaders. These assets were gated on Landing Pages and the marketing team used HubSpot’s Smart Content to provide a personalised and relevant experience. With Smart Content, EvaluAgent delivered content specifically tailored to each person, while Smart CTAs enabled it to qualify leads and understand a person’s readiness to buy, which resulted in increased conversions.

    Ali leveraged HubSpot’s SEO app within the Content Optimization System to identify the right keywords to use on the EvaluAgent website. His team also set up keyword tracking so they can monitor specific keywords over time. “The keyword suggestions and reporting features have helped EvaluAgent get more qualified traffic.”

    HubSpot’s Email and Workflows app-enabled EvaluAgent to nurture leads through automated campaigns. When a person downloads content from the EvaluAgent website they are added to a Workflow and sent further information and content which matches their unique interests. These Workflows help EvaluAgent’s nurture leads until they are ready to request a product demonstration or speak with a sales rep.

    The sources report within HubSpot’s Analytics app gives the marketing team a clear overview of how it’s performing and using this data Ali optimises activity to increase leads. He explains, “The dashboard and centralised reporting gives a real-time view of our marketing performance. Using this insight we tweak our campaigns to maximise effectiveness. My team can now focus their time on an activity that helps us achieve our goals, rather than creating reports from different platforms.”

    Generating the Right Leads for a Growing Sales Team

    Since deploying HubSpot, EvaluAgent’s marketing team has dramatically increased its landing page conversion rates and consequently, the number of leads it generates for the sales team. “We were up and running thanks to HubSpot’s onboarding team very quickly. We already had some building blocks, but the training helped us put rigour, structure and the right processes in place. This helped us see results from HubSpot within weeks,” says Ali.

    HubSpot’s software helps EvaluAgent to show the ROI of its inbound marketing strategy. Ali adds, “We use HubSpot to power our email, social media, landing pages and website. The platform makes it easy for us to see the impact of our marketing immediately.”

    “Having all our lead data kept within HubSpot gives us a single view. This is powerful and lets us tailor our marketing and sales activity to each customer,” says Ali.

    By creating content, such as whitepapers and ebooks and optimising them for search, EvaluAgent generated 30% more leads for its sales reps. The company also saw a 20% increase in conversion rate on its landing pages by using Smart CTAs. “We’re delighted with HubSpot. The software and inbound methodology has helped us take our marketing to the next level. HubSpot has increased the volume of leads we generate from our content and made it much easier to analyse the performance of each asset. We’ve also saved money on PPC advertising, and time, as we no longer need to use different tools.”

    “Before using HubSpot, we did not have a unified view of our marketing and prospects’ level of interest. HubSpot brings everything together in one place and makes it easy to understand what’s moving the needle,” says Ali.

    Ali explains, “We have ambitious growth plans at EvaluAgent and will be expanding our sales team in the coming months and years. This means we’ll need to increase the volume of qualified leads. I’m confident HubSpot will help us achieve our goals.”


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