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Creating A Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy in the Healthcare Sector

Fatebenefratelli is a healthcare company that operates in the hospital, psychiatric, rehabilitation and residential world with 11 structures located in Northern Italy. After implementing HubSpot as a centralized CRM, Fatebenefratelli has generated over 350,000 sessions and 4,000 leads in a year.

  • 100% Increase in Website Traffic

  • +100% Increase in Lead Generated

  • 2.7 Million Euros Raised in 2 Months to Aid Covid-19 Response


The Provincia Lombardo Veneta dei Fatebenefratelli (Fatebenefratelli PLV) belongs to a religious Order and operates in the field of healthcare through 11 centres that are based in 5 regions of Northern Italy.


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    Implementing a Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Strategy

    Before HubSpot, Fatebenefratelli PLV did not have a homogeneous digital presence and a unique coordinated identity. The province had 11 websites, one for each organization, with each one operating autonomously without any alignment. There was a total absence of centralized marketing and communication processes as well as a platform to support it. To tackle this, Fatebenefratelli sought the help of HubSpot Platinum solution partner, Digital Dictionary.

    With their help, the team at Fatebenefratelli mapped all the digital channels and touchpoints used and created a new centralized website on CMS Hub. The new website alighted structures across Northern Italy including training centres, scientific research, Vocation Ministry and social/voluntary initiatives. Digital Dictionary also created a new blog where Fatebenefratelli provides educational content that supports and empowers patients.

    Redefining Fatebenefratelli’s digital presence also meant planning a lead generation strategy, designing a conversion-oriented website and creating content for each area of interest. There were also several conversion points strategically placed across the site which allowed interested visitors to convert into leads. As all of these contacts were stored in the centralized HubSpot CRM, Fatebenefratelli could then create personalized communications and create a better customer experience for their audience. Within a year of implementation, Fatebenefratelli generated more than 350,000 sessions and 4,000 leads. 

    Generating New Candidates for the Vocation Journey

    Fatebenefratelli’s Vocation Ministry is made up of only 35 friars in Italy and finding new candidates to enter in a vocation journey is a crucial goal for them. To attract more interest, Fatebenefratelli knew that lead generation strategy was of particular importance. Fatebenefratelli used the Forms and Landing Page Tools in Marketing Hub to generate over 100 enquiries. Six of these contacts have become part of the European Novitiate, initiating a vocation journey.

    Since adopting HubSpot, Fatebenefratelli has used the following tools:

    CMS Hub: Built a website and blog on CMS Hub

    Blog: Created blog posts to support their Inbound Marketing and SEO strategy

    Flywheel Strategy: Created a community who was willing to help the Province during the Coronavirus emergency;

    Landing Pages & Forms: Created TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU Landing Pages in Marketing Hub with forms also hosted in HubSpot.

    Lists: Segmented its audience with lists so that it can send personalized communications to their audience.

    Workflows: Implemented lead nurturing campaigns via workflows

    Email Marketing: Sent email marketing campaigns in Marketing Hub

    Social: Shared resources and content across various social networks.

    CTA: Implemented CTAs in line with brand identity across strategic points on the website, email and blog posts.

    Reports: Reported on monthly and quarterly performance with dashboards.

    Ensuring Business Continuity during the Coronavirus Phase

    In just a few hours the Covid-19 emergency disrupted the ordinary activities of the Province and created a need for rapid change. To tackle the crisis, a donation-based fundraiser was planned to support healthcare facilities in the urgent and sudden supply of medical and protective equipment.

    Fatebenefratelli needed to implement some significant changes so that they could raise donations and attract suitable candidates to help medical staff.

    With HubSpot, they did the following:

    1) Fatebenefratelli added forms to the website for both fundraising and personnel research

    2) They created informative blog posts to keep their audience updated and create a continuous dialogue.

    3) The team sent email marketing campaigns to the Fatebenefratelli audience to generate donations and attract volunteers. 

    The campaign resulted in over 4,000 donors contributing over 2.7 million euros to support the Province’s structures. On top of this, there were almost 1,500 applications from contacts who offered to help medical staff.


    Fatebenefratelli also had a "Thank you Wall" built with the landing pages tool in Marketing Hub. The campaign thanked all the employees and professionals who helped navigate the crisis. Over 750 submissions were generated in support of the workers.

    Francesco Stellini, Marketing, Communication and Fundraising Manager at Fatebenefratelli Group is very proud of the efforts so far. “We raised 2.7 million euros, thanks to the solidarity of 4,000 donators. Thanks to HubSpot and Digital Dictionary, today our digital channels can count on 350,000 sessions per year and 4,000 leads”, says Francesco Stellini.

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