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BISA Seguros digitalizes its operations with HubSpot’s Growth Stack

With Marketing Hub, CMS Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub, BISA Seguros y Reaseguros was able to align its teams to focus on customers and create personalized experiences. Through different digital channels, a greater number of qualified leads have been captured, and sales force follow-up has improved.

  • +55,000 website visits

  • +26,000 leads

  • +41,000 effective interactions

Bisa Seguros y Reaseguros S.A.

A Bolivian company with a history of over three decades providing full health and accident insurance and reinsurance coverage. Its mission is to support both companies and individuals so they can overcome any accident or unforeseen event.


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    Providing well-being with a wide variety of insurance 

    BISA Seguros y Reaseguros was founded in Bolivia in 1991 and since then it has managed to remain in the market, adding more than 30 years of operation. It has focused on meeting the needs of its employees, providers, and policyholders in terms of well-being, security, and peace of mind. It offers broad insurance coverage for health, auto, transportation, fire, and more. The organization has around 370 employees and 150 agents distributed across eight branches.

    “We are an insurance company that is 100% Bolivian and are committed to the future through our ability to reinvent, innovate, and lead.” Lucero Nuñez, Assistant Digital Marketing Manager, BISA Seguros y Reaseguros.


    Transitioning from a traditional framework

    to the digital world

    As a company that emerged prior to digitization, BISA carried out its marketing strategies via traditional channels such as TV, radio, newspaper, and brochure advertising. 

    Sales also followed traditional protocols, such as prospecting for new customers through cold calls, customer referrals, and face-to-face visits with prospects. Since there were no digital tools to supplement this process or to provide adequate control, monitoring was done manually, which led to wasted time and opportunities. 

    Faced with the need to digitize processes and address the complexity of operation, BISA began searching for technological solutions that would allow it to undergo a complete overhaul. This prompted the search for a partner that could provide a better connection between BISA and its customers to better understand their needs and how the company could help them. 

    In pursuit of improved company management

    BISA was facing clear challenges, such as how to better manage leads, optimize marketing efforts, guide its sales force, and strengthen its relationship with customers and the community.

    “We asked ourselves how we could manage 120 agents, how we could provide the sales force with tools, and how we could give customers access to the company outside of the traditional relationship. When we received a request from the Department of Health to find out whether or not agents visited prospects and which of those were accepted or denied, we began our search for providers and systems that would allow us to generate that information.” Lucero Nuñez, Assistant Digital Marketing Manager, BISA Seguros y Reaseguros.

    The company began to research digital tools, solutions, and technology platforms that could help to overcome these challenges. After evaluating several options, it was concluded that HubSpot was the right platform as it offered a user-friendly interface, tools to carry out marketing and sales efforts within the same platform, and the opportunity to focus data on a single source of information, to which the leadership team would have access 24/7. 

    After meeting with HubSpot’s sales executive, the company saw the software’s high potential in terms of both customer management and lead generation through landing pages to uniformly distribute prospects.

    “Beyond HubSpot’s technology and digital tools, it was important to see that we shared the common goal of providing service and benefits by understanding people and customers with open, two-way communication, being fully aware of their needs when purchasing insurance.” Alejandro Mac Lean, Executive Vice President, BISA Seguros y Reaseguros.


    Optimizing processes through HubSpot 

    For BISA, working with HubSpot represented an opportunity to improve the monitoring and automation of its internal processes, and to connect more easily with customers by providing the right content at the right time based on where the customer was in their journey.

    Thanks to its different options in terms of integration, both through the applications found in the Marketplace and through the API, the company connected its portal to Jotforms and Freshdesk to keep its customer databases up to date.

    BISA was able to align its marketing, sales, and service teams through HubSpot, putting the customer at the center of all its efforts to create positive, satisfactory experiences that—in addition to generating more leads—build customer loyalty.

    The company was able to establish a new work dynamic: objectives are shared across teams, internal work is more organized, and actions are tracked. Moreover, it has generated data and metrics for improved decision-making, automating actions and developing effective channels to connect with customers, and, of course, delivering an outstanding experience. 

    “We have increased our use of all of the tools that HubSpot offers in terms of CMR. A set of services that help us connect with customers more easily and intentionally, precisely the niche markets we want to reach.” Alejandro Mac Lean, Executive Vice President, BISA Seguros y Reaseguros.

    This is the result of the combined use of the HubSpot Growth Stack: Marketing HubCMS HubSales Hub and Service Hub


    Marketing Hub and CMS Hub 

    With HubSpot’s Marketing Hub and CMS, the Bolivian company has implemented its marketing strategy via digital channels, allowing users to have closer contact with the company to attract and generate leads and convert them into customers. 

    A number of processes have been automated, including lead assignment, scheduling of social media content, and sending marketing emails with personalized messages. This allowed the company to develop specific segmentation based on where the customer is in their journey. 

    The Marketing Hub tools the company uses the most are: 

    • Websites: The first point of contact BISA developed was a new website—the foundation of its various inbound marketing strategies. BISA needed a modern, functional website that would capture users’ attention and lead to interaction or communication with the brand. 

      Because HubSpot offers intuitive website creation without coding, the challenge of creating a website was solved in just 20 days without having to hire a web developer. Moreover, the information presented and the structure show respect for the user experience. 

    • Blog: In the insurance field, there is a lot of information that can be shared with individuals and companies alike. BISA uses this tool to provide valuable content that is educational, informative, and sales-related in such a way that it can engage its customers through articles aimed at prospects at different phases of the journey. 

    • Social Media: The company uses the HubSpot platform to manage and monitor the content and ads it posts on social media. This has been fundamental in saving time when scheduling posts, as well as in increasing audience engagement.

    • Landing Pages: With this tool, the company has increased its reach and scaled its demand generation efforts; moreover, it was able to build successful campaigns that generated over 26,000 leads.

    • Email Marketing and Workflows: These two tools have allowed the company to automate communication with prospective and current customers. As a result, it improved customer service by launching nurture campaigns based on where the contact is in his or her journey, streamlining management and monitoring at the same time. 

    In addition to the Marketing Hub tools, HubSpot’s platform provides access to various real-time statistics to measure the results of campaigns and help better understand one’s audience and customers. 

    BISA points out that, since implementing HubSpot’s tools, its website has reached 55,000 views and 13,000 registered users. Moreover, there have been around 41,000 interactions within a short time thanks to the fact that the website created with the HubSpot platform prioritizes the user experience, thereby reducing the bounce rate by up to 50%. 


    Sales Hub 

    With Sales Hub, the insurance company was able to organize and control internal processes with its sales force, as well as to gain visibility on them. By concentrating customer data in one place and automating various activities, sales reps can focus on connecting with customers without wasting time on administrative tasks. 

    With over 100 sales reps in the dynamic insurance sector, a company like BISA needed a platform that would help manage leads, better qualify them, and automatically assign them to sales teams. Thanks to HubSpot, the company has improved monitoring of its sales process so as not to miss out on sales opportunities. 

    The Sales Hub tools the company uses the most are: 

    • Goal Forecasting: With this tool, BISA was able to review the sales team’s objectives, including strategic metrics such as the time to close each sales opportunity and their performance (won vs. lost) at each phase of the journey. 

    • Sales Automation: With this feature, the company was able to establish an orderly process, save time, and focus its sales reps on valuable activities. These were BISA’s primary needs, which the company was able to address with sales automation. As a result, the company was able to generate new deals, and to assign and distribute those deals automatically.

    • Sales Reports: BISA uses HubSpot reports to measure its sales team’s performance and the success of the business, which in turn allows for making long-term plans, developing strategies, and improving decision-making processes. 

    In short, with Sales Hub, BISA has seen immediate customer management and improved customer service times for each customer by reviewing the performance and productivity of each sales rep.


    Service Hub 

    BISA Seguros y Reaseguros stands out for its care and attention to individuals and companies alike, which has been reinforced through the use of Service Hub, Hubspot’s service and assistance software.

    • Live Chat: With live chat and the HubSpot bot, the company provides 24/7 support to both internal and external customers. This ensures effective communication, since all conversations are recorded in the CRM and routed proactively to the support team.

    • Shared Inbox: This tool allows BISA to concentrate all of its conversations in one place where it can analyze and manage interactions. 

    • Knowledge Base: In order to optimize the customer experience and distribute the load across its support team, BISA uses a knowledge base to provide quick answers to frequently asked questions. 

    BISA emphasizes that, because of Service Hub, there is now greater awareness of the number of inquiries and the category and type of customer needs, and the company has seen an improvement in service times, contributing to customer satisfaction. 

    “We achieved optimal business management with controlled contact times, and we were able to respond to inquiries promptly with information about our products.” Lucero Nuñez, Assistant Digital Marketing Manager, BISA Seguros y Reaseguros.


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