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Netguru Finds An All-in-One Solution with HubSpot

Netguru has used HubSpot to streamline their sales and marketing processes, develop more efficient systems, resulting in an incredible 688% increase in revenue in four years.

  • 688% revenue increase in 4 years

  • 15% increase in organic traffic

  • 156+ users on HubSpot (20% of business)


Netguru is a digital consultancy that empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to do things differently through full-cycle product design and custom software development.


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    Struggling With Disconnected Tools and Data

    When Netguru first started experimenting with content marketing back in 2015, the growth team used various tools to manage and track their campaigns, making it difficult to understand the data and optimize their strategy.

    “We were using many tools to track the effectiveness, and the data was very scattered,” says Ola Prejs, Head of Growth at Netguru. “It was quite painful for us to analyze the data and draw any conclusions out of it.”

    Prejs and the rest of the growth team knew that to succeed in content marketing, they needed to streamline processes and find a way to utilize data. “We were aiming at building one source of truth. Essentially a reliable data ecosystem that would enable us to analyze all data in one place,” says Prejs.

    Netguru also recognized the need for an efficient content marketing tool to achieve sustained growth. Namely, a marketing platform that would empower their team with the tools, data, and functionality they needed to grow and scale their marketing efforts as a whole. “We wanted a one-stop tool for all of our marketing needs,” says Prejs.

    During their research, Netguru was impressed with HubSpot’s reputation as an industry leader in marketing automation and innovation. The company also recognized that HubSpot offered a host of tools they could grow into—and that it wouldn’t need to explore or implement new tools or solutions a few years down the line. “That’s why we chose HubSpot,” says Prejs.

    Since implementing HubSpot in 2015, the Netguru team has used HubSpot’s features and tools to efficiently analyze data, identify top-performing content, and automate manual marketing processes. The marketing team also leveraged the suite of tools in Marketing Hub to optimize their inbound marketing strategy and drive new leads—including building a “coherent and fast design system that allows us to build new content efficiently, 100% in line with our branding.” The team uses Hubspot not only for the majority of customer marketing efforts but also for the employer branding efforts - by creating attractive job offers and an interactive career page to tell the company’s story and attract new potential employees.

    Using Sales Hub to Empower the Netguru Sales Team

    While the Netguru team has had great success with Marketing Hub, they also realized that HubSpot could support their growth in other ways—namely when it came to sales. Netguru was already using Salesforce—but the team was also eager to explore how HubSpot could empower their sales efforts. “Salesforce is at the core of our company data ecosystem, and we needed instant access to this information in our marketing campaigns—that's where HubSpot's integration with Salesforce came in handy,” says Prejs.

    With the HubSpot Salesforce integration, the Netguru sales team has access to all of marketing’s lead data, including a lead’s activity on the website and any pre-sales interaction the lead has had with marketing, allowing for a fully automated lead transfer from marketing to sales.

    Sales Hub Enterprise has also empowered the Netguru sales team with various tools to increase sales, conversions, and revenue, including robust analytics and engagement tools and fully customizable proposal options. The reporting tools in Sales Hub also gives Netguru’s sales leadership full visibility into their team’s performance, allowing them to optimize their sales cycle further and continually drive better results.

    Moving Forward with HubSpot

    HubSpot has been an integral part of Netguru’s growth over the past five years—and that trend will continue as the company moves forward. While HubSpot powers Netguru’s sales and marketing efforts, the Netguru team has plans to integrate HubSpot into their systems and processes even further in the future. “We aim at building the best in class design system for the whole company—and we would like the design system to be based 100% in HubSpot,” says Prejs.

    Netguru has been impressed with HubSpot, calling it “powerful and easy [to use] at the same time,” says Prejs. And not only does the Netguru team have plans to continue to integrate HubSpot into their own company further, but they’ve been so thrilled with their results, they’ve started to recommend HubSpot to the most critical players in their business: their clients. “We are recommending HubSpot to our clients, and those who chose it are delighted,” says Prejs.

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