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Quinyx uses CMS Hub to grow traffic 50% in one year

Quinyx was using the HubSpot Marketing tools well and decided to redesign their site on CMS Hub and increased their team's productivity, leading to a 50% increase in traffic and 20% decrease in bounce rate.

  • 50% Increase in Traffic

  • 30% Increase in organic traffic

  • 20% Decrease in bounce rate


Quinyx is a cloud-based, mobile first workforce management software that rocket fuels the workforce in service industries to make people and businesses grow


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    Growth mindset meets growth platform

    As Quinyx CMO Johanna Fagerstedt puts it, Quinyx is "on a mission to improve the lives of millions of people by improving their work lives, driven by the understanding that a happy workforce means a happy, more successful business." To achieve their mission they need to move fast, so about a year ago, Quinyx partnered with iGoMoon, a HubSpot Agency Partner based in Stockholm, to redesign their site.

    "Constant growth is at the core of what we're doing here at Quinyx and to achieve that we need to have a growth mindset in marketing, meaning that we need to test, evaluate, tweak and do again - and dare to challenge ourselves and strive for constant improvement. And high-quality tech SaaS-tools are vital for us to achieve that", says Johanna. That's why when they were thinking through their redesign, they decided to bring the site onto CMS Hub.

    With their old CMS, it was harder to incorporate the website into more significant marketing efforts because it was difficult for the team to learn and use. They also had to jump between the old CMS and their HubSpot portal to manage automation and campaigns.

    Making connections and converting leads

    To start taking advantage of the link between their HubSpot contact database and CMS Hub, Quinyx incorporated personalization into their site experience. When a visitor has previously indicated, via HubSpot form submission, that they are in the healthcare or retail industry the homepage images adapt to reflect that.

    Quinyx also he Conversations tool in Marketing Hub to create chatbots. This provided a direct link to sales and the data could integrate with Salesforce. When it comes to contact-level reporting, they find that sales reps are able to better contextualize each conversation because they have visibility into what content the person has seen before on the contact record.

    “HubSpot made it easy to try new things quickly. We’re a fast-growing team and company, and they are growing their product capabilities at a similar rate. ” - Mark Phillips, Digital Marketing Manager

    To support their lead generation goals, Quinyx and the team at iGoMoon built a custom calculator using HubSpot forms that feeds all new leads directly into their contacts database. Through an integration with Laravel, the customers are automatically emailed a PDF of their calculator results.

    Efficiency leads to results

    They also found that they were able to work more efficiently. It was easy for the Quinyx team to get everyone onboarded which allowed each person to act as owners with their marketing projects and move much more quickly. Their SEO expert, Annie Ringefors, can identify opportunities for their site to rank for a keyword, create and publish the content, and monitor the impact all in one place. "Data-driven may be overused as a term in digital marketing today - I think HubSpot is a native data platform. HubSpot puts that data right in front of you, so it's effortless to track performance, whether it is an email campaign or landing page performance. -Mark Phillips, Digital Marketing Manager

    For the members of the team that aren't SEO experts, they've found the SEO features that are built into the page editors useful. The checklists help remind everyone that is creating content to have good SEO hygiene and prevents common mistakes, like forgotten meta descriptions.

    Quinyx attributes much of the success of their website to being able to work efficiently and having a team that is empowered to take ownership and jump on new opportunities right away. In the year since they have moved on to CMS Hub, they have seen a 50% increase in traffic and sessions, a 20% decrease in bounce rate, and a 30% increase in organic traffic.

    "If your CMS isn't linked to your automation platform, you have to tie everything together, which adds a lot of complexity manually. We don't have to worry about that." -Mark Phillips, Digital Marketing Manager

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