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TXT Group Finds A Perfect Solution In HubSpot

TXT Group worked with DMA, a HubSpot Gold Partner to implement the HubSpot CRM Platform. Nowadays, the adoption rate is 100% overall across all divisions and business units. Marketing and sales are now more aligned than ever, and marketers can now show managers the ROI of their activities in a way that simply wasn’t possible before.

  • 100% of leads assigned and managed within 24 hours

  • 3.4 points reduction in vulnerability score

  • 100% adoption rate across business units

TXT Group

TXT Group is an end-to-end provider of consulting, software solutions, and services, supporting the digital transformation of its customers' core products and processes. The Parent Company TXT e-solutions S.p.A., with a registered office in Milan, has been listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, in the Star Segment (TXT.MI) since July 2000.


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    Lack Of Centralized Marketing And Communication Processes

    Before HubSpot, TXT Group did not have a homogeneous digital presence and a unique coordinated identity. This resulted from the increase in complexity due to the acquisition plan carried out in recent years and a lack of centralized marketing and communication processes and a platform to support it.

    The company also wasn't measuring their marketing results and knew they were leaving money on the table. To sort this out, TXT Group sought the help of HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner DMA.

    TXT Group decided to implement CMS Hub Enterprise by consolidating the main corporate website, txtgroup.com, planting the seed to host all other Group’s websites inherited from accomplished and future M&As.

    Return on investment measures was also a critical goal of the project. Marketing Hub Professional provided the best solution to quickly replace all the legacy marketing tools used in the past and adopt a fully integrated and ready-to-use one that natively integrates with the CMS and CRM.

    Finally, TXT Group sales pipelines were often distributed over different spreadsheets and were usually produced and maintained with many different approaches. That’s why came to the table as the right choice!

    Zero Friction Transition From The Old CRM

    During the migration from the old CRM (Microsoft Dynamics) to HubSpot CRM, TXT Group needed to sync Lead, Contact, Prospect and Customer data from the old CRM back into HubSpot to enrich and automate their email and lead nurturing campaigns.

    DMA has integrated a third-party software that could keep aligned both platforms to make the switch-off to HubSpot easier and with no data loss.

    The whole process was frictionless, and the change in instrumentation has allowed both TXT salespeople and marketers to get a quick overview of all activities performed on contacts and deals.

    Guido Angelo Ingenito, CIO in TXT Group, said: “Thanks to HubSpot, all leads generated by the corporate website are easily redirected to the most suitable division. Using Social Media Management Software, we can now run the Group’s extensive social media content plan on one single platform.

    “HubSpot was also immediately useful for internal communication activities, as it allows us to measure staff engagement, and to carry out an extensive onboarding process, especially handy for the sales staff.”

    Further Strengthening And Optimization Of Processes

    The combination between DMA and CMS Hub Enterprise also provided an outstanding online presence, security by design, high availability, and wire-speed accessibility of all Group’s websites at scale with the added advantage of working with one supplier.

    This provided a centralized web infrastructure enhanced by a single-sign-on system that makes it easy for the users to log onto the platform and for the IT to safely track who access the platform, which will be useful to reduce time-to-market whenever a new merge or a recent acquisition would come along.

    Thanks to HubSpot’s Marketing Analytics & Dashboard Software, TXT Group’s marketers can now show managers the ROI of their activities in a way that simply wasn’t possible before.

    Leads can also be engaged in a much more meaningful way.

    Salespeople are benefitting as well. Their leads are warmer, and they can get a full view of their prospect’s journey in the HubSpot CRM so that they can have more informed conversations.

    With Sales Hub Professional, they are notified whenever a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment so that they can follow up at just the right time.

    This better alignment between marketing and sales translated, right off the bat, dramatically simplifying the lead assignment and increasing the sales focus on conversion rate.

    “With Sales Hub Professional, we’ve got the chance to take the real advantage inherited by a platform which fully-integrates Websites, Marketing activities, and Sales modules. That gave us the potential to measure and handle opportunities in any stage of their lifecycle: from the early stages of qualification to the analytics insights evaluation until the finalization of deals”.

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