Paytrail Gets on Track with HubSpot to Increase Leads by 235%

By 2014, Finnish ecommerce payment company Paytrail was rapidly expanding, having already achieved €1 billion in payments through its SaaS solution. Inbound marketing was the ideal way for it to continue its upward trajectory, After a few years of doing inbound with poor tools, in 2014, Paytrail turned to HubSpot. Since then, it has increased its website's organic traffic by 48%, its leads by 235% and customers by 18%.


Increase in leads


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in customers

Paytrail Team


Founded by Lennu Keinänen and Niko Lehtonen in Finland in 2007, Paytrail handles payments for over 10,000 online stores and service providers. Its cloud-based software solution gives its customers complete control over their purchase process, and it is the market leader in ecommerce payment systems in Finland. Over €2 billion in purchases have already been processed through its system.

From Too Many Tools to an All-In-One Solution

By 2014, payment handling firm Paytrail had already committed to inbound marketing – it was a perfect fit for a company targeting online stores and services. However, the tools that it was using weren’t making the grade. According to Pekka Majaniemi, services marketing manager with the company, the main problem was lack of integration.

“We were using so many different tools – Hootsuite and Tweetdeck for social media, APSIS for email marketing, Formstack for forms, Pipedrive for our CRM and Drupal for our website. It was a complicated to say the least. Our solutions didn’t ‘speak’ to one another and we had no way to see the connections between different actions and results. Our goal was to make our marketing measurable.”

Enter Paytrail founder, Lennu Keinänen, who is constantly looking for better ways to use technology. After researching marketing automation platforms, he found himself most impressed with HubSpot. Its ethos of attracting, engaging and delighting customers matched his own, and the HubSpot software seemed ideal for his company’s needs.

After a demonstration of the product, he was convinced; Paytrail signed up with HubSpot in 2014.

"The HubSpot software was everything we were looking for in a solution. It gave us all the tools we needed to be effective with inbound and to measure our success."

Pekka Majaniemi

Services Marketing Manager


Clever Content Creates Opportunity

Paytrail “dove right in” and immediately moved its website to the HubSpot CMS. It imported its contacts and segmented them into personas, which range from a new owner of an online shop to an accountant at a big organisation.

“We also set up our blog on the Blog App, and that was a revelation for us, because it made our lives so much easier. It guides you towards better marketing; it has built-in SEO and you can add Calls to Action as you work.”

Paytrail has a lot of great ecommerce content, including ebooks, user guides and webinars. Content is located on a Landing Page, with a Form that the visitor must fill in to access it. This allows the company to automatically gather information on its leads and follow up with Emails that nurture them through the marketing funnel.

Another big change for Paytrail was moving to the HubSpot CRM. This has changed the way how sales and marketing teams work together, explains Pekka.

“It has brought the sales and marketing departments closer together, we are more in sync now. The salespeople find it easier to do their best work because we’ve done ours. They can have informed conversations with their prospects because they know what they are interested in and what concerns they have.”

"The HubSpot software has made our lives so much easier. We can think concentrate on the big picture now."

- Pekka Majaniemi

Great Gains and Plans for More

Paytrail has grown its business enormously since partnering with HubSpot. Between 2007 and 2014, it processed €1 billion in payments though its solution. It’s an impressive number, but it matched it within a year and a half; in April, it was revealed that Paytrail had processed €2 billion in total payments.

The company has also increased website organic traffic by 48%, its leads by 235% and its customers by 18%. Its content is garnering attention – one particular ebook on SEO was downloaded 600 times in just two days – and is becoming a thought leader in its field. It’s a resounding inbound marketing success story.

“The HubSpot software makes our work visible, and our role is valued more,” says Pekka. “With the Marketing Analytics Dashboard, we have a much clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t, and we adjust our strategy accordingly. It has really allowed us to show ROI.”

It’s something that hasn’t gone unnoticed. FinTech company Nets acquired a majority shareholding in Paytrail in 2014, and it has been very impressed with the results that Paytrail’s marketing team has achieved. In fact, it has started using HubSpot software in other units of the corporation – a decisive endorsement of the inbound marketing methodology.

Paytrail is already on track to achieve the high targets for leads and customers that it set itself at the start of the year. The plan is to “be the ecommerce merchant’s best friend”, and HubSpot is a great platfrom to achieve it.

“Today, our marketing is more efficient, our work is much more fun, we get to do really cool stuff and we get results! I think it’s crazy to do marketing without this kind of platform, there’s no way we’d ever go back to how we did things before.”

"Thanks to the HubSpot software, our marketing is measurable and more effective. It saves us time, and we can make sure that our actions really have an impact."

- Pekka Majaniemi

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