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Investing in Employee Happiness

HubSpot’s on a mission to build a company people love. We’re the team helping us get there by hiring, growing, and delighting amazing people: our employees. From a HubSpotter’s first day to their first peer bonus, people operations is solving for them every step of way. That means we get to play a big role in the future of the company and of our coworkers. People come here to grow their careers so we think big to make sure they do.

Meet Our Team

MK Getler, Learning & Development Trainer

MK manages HubSpot's on-boarding program for employees joining the Global Customer Success Team. Prior to that, MK was tasked with setting up our Services Team in Sydney, Australia and piloting our Premier Services Team. When she's not geeking out about technology, MK can be found chasing seagulls on the beach with her black lab mix, Kody.

Denis-Sidney Hakes, Recruiter

Denis recruits talented new HubSpotters from all over Europe to join our Dublin office. We love hearing him talk about our culture in German and he loves how performance-driven his team is.

Sara DeBrule, Recruiter

Sara focuses on identifying talented marketers from all over North America to become HubSpotters and join our Cambridge office. She’s consistently amazed by HubSpot’s commitment to learning and growth via: industry leader talks, master classes, and career fairs. When she’s not recruiting, you can typically find Sara being a bookworm or listening to a podcast.

A Day in the Life of People Operations



  • Help six new hires prepare their Project Presentation--every new sales rep completes a comprehensive project for a business on HubSpot. #CreativityFTW
  • The global recruiting team huddles to discuss the great candidates in our inbound pipeline. (Hint: we hope to see your face in there very soon.)


  • Manager Mindset training to help equip our first-time managers with the tools they need to help their teams and people grow.
  • Healthy@HubSpot class run by our awesome trainer Ian.


Behind the Scenes


HubSpot inspires me to be a better person...and has really encouraged me to find my own voice [and] provided me with the education to do so.

Office Manager

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