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Brand Voice


Create on-brand content at scale with brand voice software that embodies and writes in your brand's unique voice.

  • Craft on-brand copy at scale

  • Avoid robotic-sounding AI content

  • Edit and publish content faster ​​

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Create AI content that sounds like your brand. 

Don't let inconsistent or dry content dilute your brand identity. With HubSpot's content assistant, effortlessly create on-brand copy that truly represents your business across blogs, email, social media, and more.

Input your existing content to define your brand voice. The AI-powered assistant will analyze it and generate a summary that captures your unique style and tone. Once your brand voice is set up, generating content in your desired style becomes a breeze. Use slash and highlight commands or the handy "Apply brand voice" command to easily edit for consistency.

  1. Drive consistency across diverse content creators.

    Creating content that resonates with diverse perspectives is essential to expanding your audience. Yet, when multiple writers and teams contribute, your brand's unique voice may become diluted. Content assistant can be trained to adopt your brand's voice, streamlining content creation and reducing editing time.
  2. Craft AI content that speaks to your customers.

    You no longer have to choose between content scalability and originality. With brand voice software, you can efficiently create content that fosters brand loyalty and engages readers. Goodbye to robotic-sounding text, and hello to stronger customer connections​​.
  3. Reduce content creation bottlenecks.

    When you have a limited number of editors trained in your brand voice and a large amount of content, your editors may become gatekeepers, causing bottlenecks in your content creation process. Similarly, if you rely on freelancers to scale your content, training them in your brand can slow down turnaround times. Brand voice ‌helps you swiftly edit content for tone and style, reducing bottlenecks and increasing productivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Brand voice helps businesses establish an identity, stand out in the market, and build trust among customers. It creates a sense of familiarity, authenticity, and consistency, leading to increased customer engagement and loyalty.

  • Brand voice software boosts content creation efficiency and helps ensure consistent messaging across different teams and creators. 

    With HubSpot's brand voice tools, you can easily define and support your brand voice at scale. Simply input your existing content, and let AI take care of summarizing your brand's unique style. Once saved, you can apply this brand voice to generate AI-powered content in your desired style.

  • With HubSpot AI, you have the power to calibrate it to sound just like your brand voice. Simply input your content, and let the AI analyze and understand your unique style. 

    Once you've defined your brand voice, you can easily select it as a preset for future content. You can even use slash and highlight commands to ensure that the AI outputs content that perfectly aligns with your brand's voice.

  • While in beta, HubSpot's Brand Voice feature is only available in English for blog posts, SMS, social media, and email content. We're actively working to expand this amazing tool to cover all content types and even toggle between different brand voices.