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Income-Expense Statement Template for Excel & Google Sheets

Utilize this template for an income-expense statement to gain an overview of your finances.

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Available for Excel & Google Sheets

Template Highlights

  • An income-expense statement provides a more accurate assessment of your finances.
  • In the "Itemization" worksheet, you can add all the items as instructed in the template.
  • The "Profit Determination" worksheet calculates your business income, operating expenses, profit, additions, and taxable profit.
  • An Excel template does not replace the standard form for submitting your statement to the tax office. It is merely for your own overview.
  • What is an income-expense statement? An income-expense statement determines your profit by comparing expenses and income. It is an alternative to double-entry bookkeeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

An income statement records income and expenses at the time of payment, while a profit and loss (P&L) statement records receivables and liabilities at the time they arise (invoice issuance).

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