Waterfall Creates a Cascade of New Business and Increases Organic Traffic 46% with HubSpot

Mobile messaging and marketing leader Waterfall relied on a variety of software tools to connect with prospective customers. Time-consuming manual processes and limited visibility into campaign effectiveness made it difficult for the small marketing team to meet its aggressive goals. Waterfall adopted HubSpot marketing software to gain full-funnel visibility, simplify management of its marketing operations, and increase the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns.


lift in organic traffic


increase in email open rate


increase in contacts

About Waterfall

Waterfall enables brands, agencies and technology providers to personally engage customers across SMS, MMS, IVR, mobile coupons, mobile wallets, and push notifications. Waterfall’s mobile marketing platform enables clients to acquire more customers and drive repeat visits with higher purchase amounts using tools for interactive customer dialogues, progressive profiling and targeting, cross platform integrations and precise ROI measurement.

Too Many Systems, Too Few Results

In the modern marketing landscape, it’s not enough to simply be found online. That’s why progressive marketers are turning to companies like Waterfall to help reach target audiences across a multitude of mobile channels such mobile messaging, push notifications and digital coupon programs.

A leader in mobile messaging and marketing campaign management, Waterfall has built a loyal following of global brands, ranging from quick-service restaurants to enterprise retail brands to innovative software companies, on the strength of its intuitive, powerful technologies and exceptional client services.

In the past, attracting new prospective clients and nurturing them through the buying process by conveying the value and business impact of its solutions was difficult. The marketing team relied on a number of disparate technologies to power its marketing efforts that did not sync with each other or offer a holistic view of overall performance.

“We had a number of popular technologies available—Marketo, Unbounce, Salesforce, and Mailchimp—but no easy way to make them all work cohesively,” says Krissy DeAngelis, Waterfall’s Marketing Manager. “There were so many moving parts that it was nearly impossible to assess the effectiveness of our marketing from start to finish, so it was time for a new approach.”

"Building systematic and helpful campaigns was so easy with HubSpot. I honestly could not imagine my job without it."

Krissy DeAngelis

Marketing Manager


A Unified Approach to Mobile Marketing

In late 2014, Waterfall revamped its marketing operations to emphasize lead generation, lead nurturing, and better alignment between the sales and marketing teams. The shift meant that the existing Marketo deployment could no longer meet the team’s needs due to its confusing capabilities and high costs of ownership.

Krissy says that the clunky user interface, steep learning curve, and limited technical support made it difficult to plan and quickly implement marketing strategies. More concerning, the platform is conventional enterprise software, meaning it also required additional technologies such as email, blogging, analytics, and other point-solution products to provide the full functionality Waterfall needed for its marketing. Not only do these components come at an additional cost, but they also add points of failure and cloud visibility into campaign performance.

“Technologies should make a marketer’s job easier, however Marketo made it much more challenging for us,” she says. “I’d already been receiving articles, eBooks, and other communications from HubSpot about Inbound Marketing and the all-in-one capabilities of its platform, so it was a pretty natural decision to go in that direction.”

HubSpot stands up where Marketo fell short. The intuitive platform makes it easy for Krissy and the Waterfall team to create and manage impactful strategic marketing campaigns by providing a consistent experience across all its easy-to-use apps. For example, the HubSpot Social Media app helps Krissy track what Waterfall customers and prospects are discussing online and identify trending topics. She can leverage those insights along with HubSpot’s Landing Pages and Calls-to-Action apps to create compelling, traffic-driving sales pages and offers in minutes with virtually no learning curve.

As more customers discover and download premium content such as the SMS Marketing e-book, workflows created with HubSpot Marketing Automation and Lead Management apps expedite assigning qualified inbound leads to sales reps for follow up and enable everyone on the Waterfall team to view each step the customer took leading to the sales conversation.

“HubSpot allows us to watch and analyze how customers interact with our content. We can see where unsubscribes occur, determine what interested a reader in the first place, and establish a formal lead scoring system for the first time,” Krissy says. “More importantly, knowing how and why customers are finding us helps maximize the impact and effectiveness of our follow up and nurturing campaigns with HubSpot’s Email features.”

"HubSpot is a fit for any company that values working with an intuitive platform, wants full visibility of their entire marketing efforts and focuses on scaling their business. It's a no-brainer."

- Krissy DeAngelis

A Seamless Transition

Making wholesale changes to marketing operations is a daunting task and one that might scare off some marketing leaders. However, Krissy says that HubSpot eased any concerns she had in making the move.

“As newbies to the whole process, it was a bit overwhelming trying to prioritize everything,” she says. “HubSpot provided a dedicated rep to help set milestones, pointed us to specific learning library training tools, and generally guided us through the process. We always had someone right there with us, which was immeasurably valuable.”

The transition—and any apprehension about it—has paid off in spades for Waterfall. Consolidating disparate marketing activities into a unified platform like HubSpot allows Krissy to concentrate exclusively on building sustainably effective marketing campaigns.

“Since deploying HubSpot, we’ve seen a 46% increase in organic traffic and a 450% increase in contacts,” she says. “The traction and attention we’re getting is a direct result of being able to analyze and measure every aspect of our marketing, which is something we never had in the past.”


Organic website traffic and new contacts aren’t the only wins for Waterfall’s marketing either. Krissy says that the company’s ability to target emails with HubSpot has resulted in average open rates between 30% and 35% and click through rates of 10%, more than 200% greater than the single-digit engagements of the previous email blasts using Marketo.

“HubSpot has made everything from blogging to landing page creation to sending emails easier and much more effective,” she says. “We’ve been able to accomplish so much in the short time we’ve had HubSpot that we’ve already extended our agreement to keep the momentum going.”

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