Xerius Gives Its Leads a Serious Boost with HubSpot

Xerius has operated in the Belgian market since 2003, guiding its clients through the ins and outs of starting and running a business. However, by 2015, its marketing was still firmly based along traditional lines, and it was no longer producing the kind of results it needed. It had dipped its toe into inbound marketing, but it was using a collection of different tools that didn’t allow it to measure how effective its actions were. Something had to change, and that change was HubSpot. Since it adopted the platform, Xerius has grown its leads from a handful each month to 2,000 a month, doubled its website traffic and increased blog subscribers from 250 to over 4,000.


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Increase in website traffic


Increase in blog subscribers

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Belgian company Xerius aims to make starting and running a business as easy as possible. It works with its clients through every step of the start-up process, providing them with clear and detailed information about formalities such as social security, pension, tax, insurance and child benefit requirements. Xerius takes over all the administrative tasks related to the start-up of an enterprise, so entrepreneurs can focus on running their company. Today, over 60,000 businesses, 20,000 employers and 116,000 self-employed people use its services.

From Traditional Methods to All-In With Inbound

For 13 years Belgian company Xerius has worked to guide its clients through every aspect of starting and running a business. However, by 2014, its marketing was still stuck in the past; it was primarily using expensive traditional methods, such as radio and print ads, to achieve its goals.

According to Koen De Herdt, Sales and Marketing Director at Xerius, “We saw that our customers were changing, but we were still doing the same things and getting poorer results. We were also spending a lot of money on sales. We needed more visitors, leads and ultimately clients.”

The company had dipped its toe into online marketing, but it didn’t have a clear strategy. It was using a collection of disparate tools, including MailChimp, Gravity Forms, WordPress and Moz.

“While the online tools worked fine on their own, we needed more insight into our marketing. For example, when we saw an increase in web traffic, we had to ask ourselves what we did differently that day. Was it the print ad, the radio campaign, or was it that email we sent out? We needed a more joined-up solution.” 

A colleague started investigating marketing automation software and discovered the HubSpot blog. He was impressed by its holistic approach to inbound marketing and after a demo of the HubSpot Marketing Platform, he was convinced. It was the all-in-one solution that would give Xerius the ability to do the type of integrated marketing that it needed to do.

In March 2014, the marketing team decided “go for it” and signed on the dotted line with HubSpot.

"Before partnering with HubSpot, we used traditional marketing methods, but measurement was tough. We didn’t know what worked and what didn’t."

Koen De Herdt

Sales and Marketing Director


Creating Content That Convinces Both Leads and Management

The first step was to create the content that would cement Xerius’s position as a thought leader in the field of entrepreneurship.

“We started off with the Blog App and posted content about various entrepreneurial topics. Initially, our management team was concerned that we were writing about topics that weren’t our core business.” – Britt Marlier, Content Marketer and Conversation manager.

However, these fears were soon allayed when more and more visitors came to the blog. Through the Marketing Analytics Platform, Britt and the team could figure out which content converted visitors into leads. This data helped it to create personas for its different types of potential clients, which it could then target with more content that was relevant to them.

It set up ebooks, articles, checklists and whitepapers on Landing Pages, adding Calls-to-Action (CTAs) and Forms to gather data on its visitors. Workflows were the next step.

“Workflows save me so much time – I know that potential leads will be followed up with automatically, with relevant, timely offers that are right for them. They’ve been really successful. We have one lead nurturing Workflow, aimed at our blog subscribers, that has a 12.5% conversion rate.”

Xerius began to generate a huge amount of leads, but the marketing team weren’t content to rest on their laurels. They continued to refine their activities so they could achieve the best results, basing their decisions on data from the Analytics Platform and A/B Testing.

“The HubSpot software makes our work so much easier. In the past, we never knew if something like an email would work better if we tweaked it. Now, I don’t have to guess what works best, I can test it,” explains Britt.

Xerius also started using the HubSpot CRM, something that is leading to closer alignment between the marketing and sales departments.

“Our salespeople used to do a lot of cold calling, but that kind of selling is becoming less impactful. With the CRM, they can see the entire journey that the potential customer has had with us; they know what they are interested in and what their concerns are. They can have a much more informed discussion and create real value for the prospect.”

"The HubSpot software is accessible and easy to use. I love how quickly you can start seeing results."

Britt Marlier

Content Marketer and Conversation Manager

Increasing Visitors, Leads and Visibility

By partnering with HubSpot, Xerius reduced its spend on both pay-per-click and traditional advertising and channelled those savings into expanding the marketing team and creating content. And its dedication to the inbound methodology is paying dividends.

Since it adopted the platform, it has grown its leads from a handful to 2,000 a month. It has more than doubled its website traffic, going from 60,000 visitors a month to 120,000, and it has increased its blog subscribers from 250 to over 4,000.

“We were starting from scratch basically, but we saw big increases in 2015 and it’s still growing. What’s great is that now that we can measure the results, our marketing efforts are more visible and valued.”

The company’s new direction has also been noticed in the wider marketplace. Potential partner companies are getting in touch asking to work with Xerius, while influencers in the industry are sharing its content on social media.

“When I used to go to networking events, I would say, ‘I’m Koen from Xerius’, and they would ask what the company did. Now they say, ‘oh yes, I know your blog.’ The content is creating brand awareness, and that’s big change.”

The Xerius marketing team has achieved amazing success over the past two years and it plans to use the HubSpot software to continue its upward trajectory.

“HubSpot has made us a better and more successful marketing team. Before, we were all working separately from each other, now we’re working together.”

"The HubSpot software helped us in so many different ways. It has given the marketing department more visibility in the company, we have generated more business, and we are now seen as thought leaders for entrepreneurship in Belgium."

- Koen De Herdt

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