HubSpot Sales Partner Program Policies

All Sales Partners are required to agree to the Sales Solutions Partner Program Agreement and remain in compliance with these terms as part of the Agreement.

Fill out the required forms for payment and email it to

  • For more information, see the ‘Revenue Share and Payment’ section of the applicable Partner Program Agreement
  • Account information form can be downloaded here
  • A completed Form W-9 for U.S.-based Partners, or
  • Form W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E (instructions here) for non-U.S. based Partners
Maintain an active HubSpot CRM account.

Register leads within their Partner Portal in order to be eligible for revenue share.
Follow HubSpot Event, Press and Branding Guidelines

In addition to the requirements for all Partners, HubSpot Sales Solutions Partners are also required to:

Purchase any HubSpot Product

  • To fully activate your partnership with HubSpot, you need to purchase at least one subscription to a HubSpot Starter Product (Sales Hub Starter, Service Hub Starter or Marketing Hub Starter all count). In the event that your subscription with HubSpot is no longer active, you may be removed from the Sales Partner Program as set out in the Sales Partner Program Agreement.
  • Why? We find that partners who use our software are also the most successful at selling their services tied to it. We want all of our partners to be set up for success, which is why we've made this a program requirement. See a software demo here. If you would prefer to use one of our Professional or Enterprise products, you can, of course, do so as well.
  • You do not need to purchase any additional products if you already have one, but your subscription must remain active in order for you to continue to participate in the Sales Partner Program.

Complete Solutions Partner onboarding within 30 calendar days of being accepted. 

  • Successfully registering at least one lead in your Partner Portal
Maintain lead capacity, which is limited to 50 domain registrations at a time.

Activate  the HubSpot Marketing Free Tools in order to use white labeled content from HubSpot.

Promote yourself as a HubSpot Sales Partner, unless otherwise discussed and agreed to with your Partner Manager.

Maintain open, active, and transparent communication with HubSpot.

Participate in any Partner-specific NPS surveys, industry surveys, marketing surveys, etc. as we request.