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Call Tracking Software

Make calls directly from your browser, consolidate calling intelligence, and automatically track calls in your HubSpot Smart CRM.

  • Dial and receive customer support calls right in your browser

  • Prioritize your daily sales calls based on your HubSpot database

  • Automatically log every call in your CRM contact records

  1. Support and sell more efficiently.

    As a sales or customer support rep, you spend most of your day on the phone. But it's easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of what calls you need to make, what to follow up on, and the outcome of each call.

    With HubSpot's call tracking software, you can easily receive and resolve your daily calls. Route incoming calls based on customer preference, and collect valuable information for your sales and support processes with AI-powered conversation intelligence.

  1. Continuously improve your team’s calling performance.

    Customer conversations can be a rich source of insights for sales and support teams. But as call volume increases, manually sourcing that data can feel impossible. With calling inside HubSpot, plus AI-powered conversation intelligence, you’ll get 360-degree insights into your calling team’s performance. Unlock coaching opportunities, quantify competitive trends, and improve your team’s calling performance. Then, make data-driven decisions to improve your sales and support strategies.
  2. Automatically track and log sales.

    Say goodbye to manually logging calls. HubSpot's call tracker automatically logs every call to your CRM database. Now, managers can efficiently coach reps with transcriptions, keyword searching, call commenting, and call analysis. This means your sales teams are always iterating, improving, and selling better.
  3. Manage complex calling processes.

    It’s never been easier to manage large, complex calling processes inside HubSpot. With inbound calling, simultaneous ringing for support teams, and IVR calling trees, your support operations will take a step forward in providing a seamless calling experience for your customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Call tracking is a sales automation function that tracks incoming or outgoing calls that your sales and support team makes. Originally designed to track where incoming calls are being generated, modern call tracking also uses artificial intelligence to make intelligent recordings of calls and propose critical points of the conversation for review later on. 

    Sales and support teams can use call tracking to understand how the team is performing. Likewise, your marketing team can use call tracking to know where to attribute incoming leads and how to distribute marketing dollars.

    With HubSpot, call tracking will automatically funnel information into any system within the HubSpot suite of products. You’ll see calls tracked within HubSpot’s Smart CRM, sales pipeline software, and help desk, so you’ll never miss any important context on leads or customers.

  • HubSpot’s call tracking feature is available in the Starter, Professional, or Enterprise edition of Sales and Service Hub. See pricing for Sales Hub and pricing for Service Hub.

  • Popular features of HubSpot call tracking include:

    • Bi-directional calling
    • Outbound calls from the HubSpot mobile app
    • Team calling in the shared inbox and help desk
    • International supported calling countries
    • Set custom voicemail and working hours
    • Call analytics reporting
    • Call recording and call transcription
    • Call summaries and tracked terms
    • Place and record all of your calls from right within your browser
    • Automatically log calls within your CRM, so every team has up-to-the-minute context
    • Direct integration with HubSpot's Smart CRM
    • Predictive lead scoring so you’ll know who to call first, based on their likelihood to convert
  • Setting up call tracking in HubSpot is a seamless process. You can register an existing number, acquire a HubSpot number, or set up a calling integration. To learn more, see our knowledge base article on setting up calling.