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    Yes! You can either use HubSpot's own Content Management System, or use your own content management system. Most marketers want to consolidate their marketing efforts into as few tools as possible though, so that they can spend more time producing content and doing their jobs, and less time managing software or moving data around. The HubSpot all-in-one, integrated marketing system includes a full content management system for this reason. 

    HubSpot's content management system is an integrated system, optimized towards marketers who want to have control over their website without needing any technical background.

    If you would like to continue hosting your website on your existing CMS, we will provide you with a snippet of JavaScript code to place on your website. This code is similar to that of other analytics packages, and will report information on your visitors and their behavior back to HubSpot. This code is what powers HubSpot's analytics and lead intelligence systems.

    At A Glance:

    • Host your website with HubSpot, or integrate your own Content Management System
    • Lead Intelligence, Analytics, and Sources all work either way
    • Use HubSpot's Landing Pages and Forms with either solution
    • Just one step to integrate your CMS: Install our tracking JavaScript on your site.
    • We will skin your HubSpot-hosted pages for you to, so that any pages on our content management system (like your landing pages) match your main website. For an example of this, look below - The top image is of a HubSpot customer hosting their homepage on their own website, and a HubSpot-hosted and skinned landing page below that.
    • HubSpot also has a set of rich APIs available to help you integrate your systems or existing website with HubSpot's Lead Management and Analytics systems.

    Hosting your website on HubSpot's content management system is an optional add-on across any of the subscription tiers (Basic, Professional, or Enterprise). Check out the images below for an example of a HubSpot customer hosting their homepage on their own systems, but integrated with HubSpot's hosted landing pages for capturing leads.

    Request a demonstration of the HubSpot CMS, or discuss integrating your existing Content Management System an Inbound Marketing Specialist.

    See examples of what's possible to build on the HubSpot CMS.