Will I retain the features and functionality that I have access to today?

You'll continue to have full access to the features that you have access to today within your existing package level and contacts plan.

Were retaining the core functionality in each of the tools while adding in new features and displaying them in a smoother, sleeker, and more intuitive interface.

Do I have to pay more for these new tools? Are you changing my pricing?

Your current pricing will remain unchanged at your current package level and contacts plan. If you upgrade your package or increase your contact tier you would do so according to the latest pricing plan.

Is anything going away? If it is, shouldnt I be paying less?

The new tools will allow you to perform the same tasks as before, and then some. Of course, whenever you're making interface and layout changes, its inevitable that the steps necessary to accomplish a task might change (generally they will become easier, more intuitive, or more robust). But these changes would represent a change in process, not in functionality. If a change in process arises that you dont know how to deal with, please refer to the HubSpot help documentation, give our Support team a call, or drop us a line in the forums so we can get you the help you need.

Why cant I migrate my data to the new tools yet?

Whenever we develop new tools, we want to get them out to our customers as quickly as possible. But its not always a straightforward matter when it involves migrating your data from one system to another. Because everybodys integration is a little bit different, its impossible to migrate everyone at precisely the same time and in precisely the same way.

Our first priority is to ensure that your data, templates, and existing campaigns -- all of the hard work youve put in so far -- migrate seamlessly over to the new systems.

While we understand its not ideal to have to stagger the migration process, our goal is to balance speed of roll-out with data integrity.

When will I get the new tools?

The date of your migration will depend on a number of factors. Keep checking back on the migrations page to find out when the new tools will likely be available to you. When your tools are about to change, well let you know either by email or in-product notifications.