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Tekman Education has increased lead generation and gained higher capacity to perform marketing, sales and service actions.

Tekman Education has designed a better customer experience thanks to data management. All the strategies they implement from the same CRM platform have generated 400% more new leads.

  • +400% new lead acquisition

  • +250% meetings with potential accounts

  • +60% engagement with major accounts

Tekman Education

Based in Barcelona, this company designs educational programs and resources for both teachers and students. Tekman helps over 1,500 schools in different cities in Spain and Latin America. These programs rely on an agile, practical and innovative methodology that supports learning in K-12 school environments.


Company Size:


Use Case:


    Supporting teachers and students with innovative educational programs

    Tekman Education is a Spanish company based in Barcelona that develops and delivers educational programs that are known for being innovative, efficient and flexible. More than half a million students in Spain and Latin America, and over 20,000 teachers globally, have greatly benefited from all their programs and educational resources. 

    The aim of the company is to empower students to own their educational journey by putting them first in a digital learning ecosystem. Tekman Education provides teachers with a lot of digital resources so they can offer students the best possible education.

    These tools and resources include a digital classroom manager, webinars and specific projects. These are designed to help K-12 students and educators meet all their educational goals through a practical and intuitive methodology.

    “Tekman is a company with a strong focus on creating and delivering innovative educational programs for schools in different parts of the world. We seek to support educators with the best content on mathematics and language so students are empowered to become builders of their own future.” Luis Florit, Chief Digital Officer, Tekman Education 


    A need for better management, visibility and follow-up

    As Tekman Education programs were largely embraced in Spain and Latin America, this resulted in business growth and its expansion to other countries. The growth of their operations set them looking for a customer management system so they could track and measure their marketing campaign results and improve sales and prospect follow-up. 

    “Our massive growth brought about the need for better and more optimized processes.” Luis Florit, Chief Digital Officer, Tekman Education 

    It was clear that the company needed to optimize its processes to support business scaling. Tekman Education tried Capsule CRM and also Zoho, but both solutions became obsolete once their growth started to accelerate. Zoho is a cloud-based software designed for small and medium-sized enterprises with an interface that makes it difficult to set up its different functions. Ultimately, this results in less flexibility and personalization, two key features in HubSpot. Also, this solution tends to limit customers, as every feature requires a complex technical setup and, in most cases, additional charges apply. 

    Compared to other CRMs, HubSpot enabled Tekman Education to do something big: customizing their outreach based on centralized information located in one platform to deliver a better experience to their customers. As no help from external consultants is needed to customize messages, emails, webpages, or any other element to engage with clients, this provides a competitive edge that adds value to their communication.

    “Unlike other platforms, HubSpot empowers us to customize the experience on all communications without the need to hire an external consultant, and, as users, that provides added value that’s essential to us. For instance, one of the key benefits for our team is how easy it is to set up all these communication processes on our own, which also allows for a much easier segmentation, as all data can be centralized from the same platform in one place.” Luis Florit, Chief Digital Officer, Tekman Education


    HubSpot, a platform with powerful marketing, sales and service tools

    Due to the increase in their business operations, Tekman Education wanted a tool which could help their marketing, sales and service teams optimize internal processes. That’s why they started a research process to choose a CRM that suited all their needs. 

    They knew one thing was non-negotiable about their ideal CRM: it had to be powerful and intuitive. At first, they showed interest in Salesforce features. However, after a more thorough analysis, they realized that this solution was not a good fit for them. 

    Tekman Education needed to bring all their tools and information together in one single place so they could perform marketing, sales and service actions without depending on other tools outside of the CRM platform. 

    At a certain point in the research process, an agency recommended HubSpot because of its powerful CRM and tools. The assessment team at Tekman Education immediately liked this software and they started to dig deeper, learning more about HubSpot, its features and the flexibility of its tools. 

    The Spanish company analyzed all the technical and financial factors of the platform. The fact that HubSpot is based on the inbound marketing methodology was a game changer for Tekman, not to mention the features it offers, like process automation, its increasing number of integrations, its user-friendly interface and its competitive price. Taking all those advantages into account, they decided to implement HubSpot.

    “We discovered that HubSpot meets all the needs of our market size thanks to its powerful marketing tools, automations, usability and competitive price.” Luis Florit, Chief Digital Officer, Tekman Education 


    Better lead generation, engagement and prospecting

    Tekman Education needed to create very specific and detailed content about their product to educate potential customers about what their innovative offer in the education market is about. These kinds of programs generally attract very wide audiences, but if they aren’t appropriately captured and segmented, a lot of deals can slip through the cracks. 

    Fortunately, HubSpot has proven to be a very intuitive platform. Since the very beginning, the Spanish company could start implementing and targeting inbound campaigns to attract potential customers efficiently, something that they hadn't been able to achieve with any of the other CRMs they had tried before. 

    Since HubSpot’s implementation, Tekman Education relies on a Single Source of Truth (SSOT), which means they can keep all the information in one database to create reports based on area-specific needs. This allows them to optimize all their processes, segment their audiences and generate more leads.

    Integrating tools like messaging apps and a training hub for teachers into the same platform has also been essential to better segment customers based on their behavior. This enabled marketing, sales and service teams to communicate in a personalized way with their audiences, so they could ultimately provide them with a better experience. 

    HubSpot’s CRM Suite helped Tekman to increase internal visibility, and contact and deal tracking. They could also align their marketing, sales and service teams to create better connections with all their contacts and offer them a unique customer experience. 

    Using HubSpot’s tools allowed them to manage tailored communications between teachers and students, which ultimately helped educators to deliver a better educational experience.

    “Our goal is to help children better learn math and language, and that’s why it’s crucial for us to have a platform that empowers us to do so. We were able to centralize the tools we use, such as training for educators, usage analytics and communication features within HubSpot, so we can leverage them all without leaving the platform.” Luis Florit, Chief Digital Officer, Tekman Education


    Marketing Hub 

    Tekman Education uses Marketing Hub to create campaigns and automate the communication processes that help improve the impact of their attraction, conversion and retention efforts.

    The main goal of the campaigns is to promote their educational programs through helpful content in the form of posts, guidelines, webinars and different resources that help people understand their value proposition, encouraging them to subscribe or download specific content. 

    Some of the main tools Tekman Education uses are:

    • Email Marketing: email is a very useful tool for Tekman, as they have large databases that they segment according to specific programs or interests, which results in customized messaging for each audience.
    • Marketing automation: this tool helps them to get closer to their prospects, educate them through valuable content and support their buying decisions with assets that are focused on their educational programs. These messages can be easily and automatically delivered, which saves time and increases visibility and tracking.
    • Landing pages: landing pages have been crucial for Tekman Education’s strategies, since they help them offer specific programs, promote their webinars and encourage registration.
    • Calls to action (CTA): Tekman uses calls to action, or CTAs, to invite leads or prospects to perform specific actions when they engage with their content or navigate through some of their digital environments. For example, they include CTAs in landing pages that contain content offers, where they want to encourage visitors to download valuable assets. They also embed CTAs in the body of their emails to direct leads to a specific resource or to invite them to book a meeting with business experts from their team.
    • Forms: forms are very important to optimize lead acquisition and get strategic data about contacts, especially when they are in different countries. Similarly, they include forms in landing pages to more efficiently promote their webinars and trainings. 
    • Social media: social media management has never been easier. With HubSpot, Tekman can schedule posts, generate ads and efficiently track conversations, all from the same platform. Besides, this tool includes performance metric analysis for all marketing actions executed on these channels. Tekman, with the support of their external agency, has built a large community on social media channels and engages with them consistently, which results in a higher engagement rate and a positive impact on their conversion metrics.

    All the actions performed through the Marketing Hub tools have helped the company reach the goals they had set when they first started to use HubSpot, achieving a 400% increase on new lead acquisition. 

    “Since we implemented HubSpot, we have been able to launch inbound campaigns and efficiently acquire new clients — something that would have been unthinkable with our previous CRM. At the same time, we now have better tools to work on customer retention and help our sales team reach their full potential.” David González, Senior Data Analyst, Tekman Education 


    Sales Hub

    Tekman has partnered with HubSpot in order to have tools that make tasks easier for their sales team. Sales Hub enables the automation of the most repetitive tasks so that reps can focus on having tailored communications with potential buyers in every stage of the sales journey. 

    These are some of the Sales Hub tools they most frequently use:

    • Documents: this is a critical tool to help the sales team engage with prospects, since it allows them to unify data, resources and important assets that can be shared internally or with the prospects. They can also know the exact moment when a prospect opens one of these documents.
    • Playbooks: Tekman Education has developed playbooks to train their sales teams and create specific go-to assets. The main goal of these playbooks is to standardize the content that should be addressed in the meetings or identify which strategic actions must be taken regarding their customer base.
    • Sales automation: they use workflows to automate different processes which used to be manual but today make deal tracking easier. For instance, they use this tool to create automatic alerts that are sent to the sales team so they can perform a key action with the prospect once certain events take place.

    Also, they can automatically assign tasks or new deals based on those notifications. Sales automation enables reps to spend more time engaging with prospects and customers and less time completing repetitive tasks.

    • Tasks: this feature helps optimize time and enhance tracking, since it sends reminders about pending tasks. These reminders include additional information, such as the name of the users associated with a specific task. There are 3 types of reminders: email, call or “to-do” (this last one is used for any task other than emails or calls). With Tasks, it is possible to manage a personalized communication process as the one Tekman Education maintains with their teachers and students.
    • Sequences: the company automatically sends a series of tailored messages to the various segments of their potential market to engage with them at different stages that might be critical to the buying journey.

    “We’ve created individual sequences for our potential customers. The goal has been to customize this tool in order to use it differently for specific segments and stages of the sales cycle”. David González, Senior Data Analyst, Tekman Education. 

    Tekman considers that sales automation, centralized data management and the use of key documents are some of the main advantages offered by Sales Hub. All these features allow them to act fast, take action quickly and streamline their follow-up. 

    This also helps the sales team in their daily activities, allowing them to close more deals and deliver an extraordinary buying experience. Besides, the company can standardize the way of working, which represents an efficiency and agility factor highly appreciated by their customers. 

    Tekman has achieved better contact rates with potential customers by using sequences and tracking leads that show interest for the brand during all of the customer journey. The results speak for themselves: there was a 250% increase in meetings with potential accounts and a 60% rise in engagements with prospects and major accounts. 

    “The CRM tools have made it possible to automate a lot of actions, such as creating tasks and follow-up dashboards, in order to simplify everyday tasks for the sales teams and standardize their processes. By doing so, the working procedure is the same for all of them, which results in more efficiency and agility.” Luis Florit, Chief Digital Officer, Tekman Education


    Service Hub 

    HubSpot’s all-in-one platform enabled Tekman Education to optimize their service efforts. After implementing Service Hub, they started to see more happy customers and they are able to better assist their sales team. They’ve also increased their responsiveness and improved customer service and support.

    The Service Hub tools the company uses the most are:

    • Tickets: this tool helps Tekman manage all troubleshooting actions, requests or orders in a fast and efficient way. With Tickets, they can prioritize tasks based on different customer segments. This is a very important feature since it helps increase the tickets resolution rate, thus improving the overall experience. Besides, being able to track these metrics on a daily basis (and compare them to the past few weeks/months and the previous year) allows them to analyze differences and constantly focus on customer service.
    • Surveys: Customer satisfaction is paramount for Tekman Education, and that’s why this tool is critical to improve customer service and, as a result, brand perception. They constantly create feedback surveys on the different business actions they take. By doing so, they can analyze satisfaction in all lifecycle stages.

      Surveys provide all the feedback needed to determine corrective or preventive actions. This tool also enables them to analyze Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES) indicators. By understanding which factors influence customer satisfaction, Tekman anticipates all possible scenarios when it comes to assisting customers and solving their problems.

    The company uses HubSpot to integrate their value proposition, resources, educational platform, analytics that help understand how educators are engaging with the brand, and communication tools that get their messages going. In short, HubSpot’s platform is the hub for all their sales, marketing and service actions.

    Customized communication based on educators’ behavior as well as customer base segmentation have made it possible for Tekman to better engage with thousands of teachers and ultimately reach millions of students. 

    “With HubSpot, we’ve reached all the goals we’d set at the beginning, which ultimately led to higher conversion rates in our potential market.” Luis Florit, Chief Digital Officer, Tekman Education

    • Luis Florit, Tekman Education
      We discovered that HubSpot meets all the needs of our market size thanks to its powerful marketing tools, automations, usability and competitive price.

      Luis Florit

      Chief Digital Officer

      Tekman Education

    • David González, Tekman Education
      Since we implemented HubSpot, we have been able to launch inbound campaigns and efficiently acquire new clients — something that would have been unthinkable with our previous CRM.

      David Gonzalez

      Senior Data Analyst

      Tekman Education

    • Luis Florit, Tekman Education
      Unlike other platforms, HubSpot empowers us to customize the experience on all communications without the need to hire an external consultant, and, as users, that provides added value that’s essential to us.

      Luis Florit

      Chief Digital Officer

      Tekman Education

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