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Content Remix


Boost your marketing strategy with content repurposing software that adapts assets across channels.

  • Save time with AI-powered multichannel content creation

  • Turn top-performing creative into repurposed assets

  • Acquire customers with engaging content on more platforms

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Expand your reach with content repurposing software.

When it takes days to complete a single asset, repurposing it for multiple channels and audiences can take weeks or more, often meaning it’s already dated by the time it reaches your audience. Turning blogs into social copy and marketing emails, and then sourcing images to share them across different platforms can drain your time and resources.

That's where content remix comes in. Use it to effortlessly repurpose your most valuable assets in a flash. Break free from content creation bottlenecks, unlock new growth opportunities, and propel your marketing strategy to new heights with AI-driven efficiency. 

  1. Reach wider audiences with less effort and money.

    Creating content for multiple channels is a resource- and time-intensive process. But, if you limit distribution to save time and money, you may miss out on valuable opportunities to reach and engage your audiences. HubSpot’s content repurposing software reworks your existing assets for various channels such as social media, blogs, images, and marketing emails. By using content remix, you can easily create unified messaging across different platforms, expand your reach, attract more prospects, and drive customer acquisition.
  2. Maximize your competitiveness without scaling your budget.

    Trying to create content that stands out among competitors who have large budgets and teams can be a daunting task. But, with the help of content remix, you can level the playing field by using AI to increase the output and reach of your content without having to increase your budget or resources.
  3. Help customers find your content wherever they are.

    If your marketing strategy doesn't involve the channels where your audience engages, you're missing chances to win new business. Use AI-powered content repurposing software to easily tweak and improve your content for the different spots your audience is, while keeping your messaging consistent and relevant across different channels and devices. Get the most out of your marketing strategy, and make sure you don't miss any opportunities along your customer journey.
  4. Explore new content channels and formats with minimal effort.

    If you're wondering whether it's worth investing in specific types of content and different social platforms, content repurposing software can be a game-changer. By using this tool, you can effortlessly experiment with new content marketing strategies. Turn blogs into podcasts, videos, or social posts and track which channels generate the highest engagement and traffic. Then, use those insights to help you double down on the most lucrative marketing efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Content remix is a tool within HubSpot that helps you create variations of your existing content, such as blog posts or landing page copy with just a few clicks.

  • To get started with content remix, sign in to your HubSpot account and navigate to the "Remix" homepage. From there, you'll have the choice to create a remix from scratch or use a pre-designed template to repurpose one form of content into another. 

    Templates offer sequences of content outputs that are commonly used for marketing goals such as lead gen content or brand awareness assets. Once you've selected if you're repurposing manually or building off a template, you can enter your original piece of content. 

    We recommend starting with a top-performing asset for maximum impact. Feed your content into the remix tool and watch as AI analyzes it and transforms it into your format of choice. Once you receive your repurposed content, you can adjust and regenerate it until it's just right for your audience, or save it for later editing and review.

  • Yes, with content remix in HubSpot's connected customer platform, you can easily schedule and publish your remixed content. Once you've created and customized your content in different formats, like social media posts or marketing emails, you have the option to choose a specific publication date and time in any of your connected marketing channels.

    Content remix is part of HubSpot's connected customer platform that unifies different aspects of your business, like marketing, sales, service, operations, content creation, and commerce, all powered by an AI-driven Smart CRM. This integration makes content management and distribution a breeze within HubSpot.