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Conversation Intelligence

Bring the voice of the customer directly into your CRM and provide better coaching for your team with insights from customer calls.

  • Understand how your team is performing on customer calls

  • Provide coaching for your sales team with data-driven insights

  • Integrate your calling service with HubSpot Smart CRM

  1. Uncover the ‘why’ behind team performance.

    Customer conversations are the richest source of insights for both sales leaders and reps. But as call volumes increase, manually sourcing insights can feel impossible.

    Easily track your team's performance with HubSpot's conversation AI. HubSpot automatically captures voice data in HubSpot Smart CRM and provides deeper insights into your calls. Unlock coaching opportunities, quantify competitive trends, and surface top objections. Then, make data-driven decisions to improve your sales strategy.

  1. Help managers become great coaches.

    The best managers help their teams close the best opportunities. But with limited time to shadow calls, providing guidance has never been harder. Conversation intelligence enables managers to train new reps, identify top performers, see performance patterns, and leave feedback on specific moments in a call.
  2. Hear your customer’s voice on one platform.

    Your sales and services teams shouldn’t have to rely on gut feelings to guess what customers want. Conversation intelligence data gives you a complete overview of customer interactions. Use tracked terms to identify specific conversations, report on outcomes, and automatically trigger workflows.
  3. Stick to the calling service your team already uses.

    You don't need to switch software or waste time training your team on a new calling service. Apply conversation intelligence to your calls using HubSpot's calling tool, Zoom, JustCall, Kixie, and more.

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