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Sales Reports & Performance Management

Sales leaders need total visibility into sales metrics--without waiting in line for help from an admin or analyst. HubSpot's sales reporting software gives you deep insights into your pipeline to help you accurately forecast performance and coach your team to hit their goals. Reporting in HubSpot uses the data in your CRM so that reports are reflective of your sales process and give visibility into your pipeline’s performance. HubSpot’s reporting and sales analytics software provide you one single source of truth, so you can spend less time building reports in spreadsheets and more time accurately answering your business’s strategic questions.

Get to know the differences between HubSpot’s free out-of-the-box sales reports and the sales reporting available in Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise.

Out-of-the-Box Sales Reports You Can Start Using for Free

Get access to 90+ essential pre-built reports that help you get growing. Build up to three dashboards to keep track of the insights that matter most or choose from one of HubSpot’s dashboard templates. As your team starts using HubSpot CRM, your reports will give you data-rich insights that you’ll bookmark for making important decisions. Here’s a look at some of the reports you can start using for free:

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    Deal Forecast Reporting

    Understand how much revenue is on the line. These reports show you the amount of forecasted revenue by deal stage. You can easily filter your favorite reports to create a monthly sales report in a few taps.

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    Funnel Reports

    How are contacts moving through lifecycle stages? How are deals progressing? Tap into multiple types of funnel reports to better understand your sales team’s progress.

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    Sales Activity Reports

    Monitor sales team productivity and rep performance. Get the insights you need to better coach your team to success. For example, help your team improve their outreach with sales call reports.

Real-Time Sales Reports to Help You Set and Meet Goals

Sales leaders need quick access to reliable data to understand how they can best-set direction and coach their teams. But access to insights is often layered behind hard-to-use tools and dirty CRM data, making it difficult to answer even simple questions with confidence. With HubSpot, sales leaders can pair fully customizable sales reports with sales analytics for real-time updates on team performance, deal status changes, and deep insights into your pipeline.

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    Custom Report Builder

    You need to be able to build reports that help you answer unique business questions. But with other tools, you're often stuck waiting for an admin or analyst to help.

    In HubSpot, you can easily report on CRM data alongside sales analytics, custom objects, and other data sources to get the insight your business needs.

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    Coach With Conversation Intelligence

    Sales managers need to be on the floor with reps to make impactful coaching recommendations. But with your teams distributed, how do you ensure your reps are getting the support they need?

    Conversation intelligence built on the HubSpot platform enables you to share best practices from top performers, and coach up reps who need some help with AI-powered call transcription and analysis.

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    Stage Probability Weighted Forecast Report

    Understand the likelihood of reaching your sales goal for the month or quarter. See a total view or running view of how your forecast has changed over time. Sales forecast reports have never been easier to create.

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    Deal Pipeline Analytics

    Drill in and demystify sales performance. Prioritize your sales team’s efforts with up to the minute access to deals in your pipeline, waterfall reporting to help inform opportunity areas, and change history to keep up to speed with adjustments. Find newly created deals, adjusted close dates, and changes to pipeline stages all with a quick glance--no analyst required.

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