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Customer Portal

Empower customers to get the help and information they need, when they need it — so you can minimize repetitive tasks for support reps and increase customer trust.

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  • This feature is only available in premium editions of Service Hub. See the pricing page for more information.

    • Set up your portal without developer resources
    • Connect your help desk and shared inbox 
    • Give access to your knowledge base from within the portal
    • Automatically apply your brand colors, fonts, and logo
  1. Customer portals give customers ownership over their service experience.

    Customers crave information about the status of their service experience and want opportunities to solve problems on their own.  

    Connected to your shared inbox, your customer portal keeps ticket conversations going between customers and reps, offers access to your company’s knowledge base, and can be customized to create an optimal customer experience.

  1. Increase transparency and trust.

    Customer portals provide a home base for your customers to interact with your support and services teams. Give your customers a secure place to track and manage all of their open and closed support tickets—or file a new ticket—so they can move issues along at their own pace and be reassured that their problems are being addressed.
    Customer Portal General Settings
  2. Minimize your team’s repetitive tasks.

    Customer portals are seamlessly connected to the HubSpot CRM platform and shared inbox, reducing the risk of duplicative work. Make even more time for your reps to provide personalized service when you connect your knowledge base to your portal. Leverage workflows and productivity tools, like snippets, to provide quick resolutions for busy customers.
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  3. Build, customize, and maintain your customer portal—no coding required.

    Automatically apply your brand’s colors, logo, and favicon to your customer portal, so you can stay on brand without a designer. Want to give your support team’s home online its own look and feel? You can further customize the color and fonts of your portal in just a few clicks.
    Customer Portal Theme editor

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A customer portal refers to a home behind a login where customers can view, open, and reply to their support tickets.

  • A customer portal will inherit the primary language of the connected domain it lives on, and default content will be translated accordingly. There are over 40 supported languages.

  • Yes. Only tickets associated with conversations will be shown in the ticket listing page. Only conversations associated with a ticket will be accessible in the ticket detail pages. Emails sent through a connected email channel will appear in the customer portal; however, emails not sent as a part of a conversations thread will not appear.

  • This feature is currently in beta for a select group of customers who have purchased Service Hub Professional or Service Hub Enterprise.