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Knowledge Base Software

Enable customers to find the information they need so your team can spend their time helping customers succeed.

  • Create a library of help articles for customers to help themselves

  • Organize your articles into topics to facilitate browsing

  • Get SEO recommendations to optimize your articles for search engines

  1. Empower your customers to find the help they need.

    Every customer is important. But if your support team has to spend too much time answering small, simple queries, they can quickly get underwater — and have less time for bigger issues.

    Enable your customers to help themselves with HubSpot's knowledge base software. Create help articles, organize them into categories and subcategories, and tag them with relevant search terms. Use AI to find opportunities to create your next article and watch as your support team gets more time back to focus on higher-level cases.

  1. Build your own library of help articles.

    Turn customers’ most frequently asked support questions and tickets into a search-optimized knowledge base of help articles and documentation. Customize the look and feel of your knowledge base using HubSpot’s CMS editor to match your brand, organize your articles into categories, and preview how they look on different devices.
  2. Improve the efficiency of your support team.

    Increase your support team’s productivity when they stop wasting time on repetitive questions. HubSpot’s Smart CRM automatically records which articles customers have viewed, so your team will avoid sending duplicate content. With your knowledge base doubling as a handy customer service reference, your team can easily find answers to questions they may not know.
  3. Track impact and usage to grow smarter.

    It’s not enough to create articles and hope they help. Use the built-in reporting dashboard to measure the impact of your pages and improve your knowledge base over time. Learn what customers are looking for and identify gaps in your knowledge base. Then, use those insights to fill content gaps and evolve your knowledge base into a more comprehensive resource.

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