Record your leads' first points of engagement

    See what channels, content and keywords initially brought leads to your company and track what revenue those marketing efforts ultimately brought in. Finally be able to quantify and report on the value of social media campaigns, search engine optimization and other efforts.

    First Touch Report

    View Conversion Drivers

    Understand what marketing efforts are most effective at driving conversions. Prioritize content that leads customers to sign-up or purchase.

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    Understand the Customer Journey

    Let actual customer behavior define your marketing funnel. See the paths that your best customers took to conversion.

    Assists report 

    View and export customer segments

    Want to see who your social media advocates are? What about users who abandon your conversion page?  Forget demographics HubSpot's Advanced Marketing Analytics enables you to segment by actual user activity on your site and in your larger digital network. So you can get more targeted in your communications and create a more personalized customer experience.  

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    (Above graphic is representative only.)