Why an All-in-One Platform is Better.

Ordinary campaigns

HubSpot campaigns

  • Disjointed goals

    With unintegrated tools, it’s easy to focus on the individual components and their metrics, but not easy to focus on the larger business goals that unify your campaign.

  • High-level goals

    By setting goals in the Campaigns tool, it’s not longer a mystery how your marketing is achieving the goals you’ve identified for each individual campaign.

  • Stand-alone tools

    Most marketing tools are siloed, forcing marketers to manage different parts of their marketing campaign in different places.

  • Central campaign management

    Because HubSpot is an integrated marketing software platform, you can easily manage your entire marketing campaign and all the pieces from one, easy-to-use app.

  • Separate analytics

    Different tools come with their own set of reports. Without unified metrics, it can be hard to determine the true effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

  • Make reporting a breeze

    No more time wasted trying to cobble together reports. HubSpot’s integrated analytics make it easy for marketers to take all content from a marketing campaign and easily compare it across channels.

Set Concrete Goals for Your Campaigns.

Campaigns within HubSpot start with setting goals. You can use the Goals App to set larger marketing goals and then track goals for an individual campaign.

campaign goals


Running a lead-generation campaign? Setting a visits goal can help you make sure your marketing campaign is on track with the right content for your audience.


Converting those visitors into leads takes work. But what doesn’t take work is seeing how many contacts are being created through your marketing campaign.


If getting more customers is your goal, the Campaigns app will show you understanding which channels from your campaign brought in the sort of people who ended up buying.

Organize, Execute, and Measure Your Campaigns.

Worry-free marketing

No more worrying about coordinating the many pieces of your marketing campaign. HubSpot gives marketers an easy-to-use dashboard to manage their entire marketing campaign from one place.

  • Manage all your marketing campaigns in a centralized dashboard.
  • Create new marketing campaigns with the click of a button.
  • Access the individual tools that make up your marketing campaign.

Measure effectiveness

Even though the pieces of marketing campaigns come from all corners of the HubSpot software, integrated analytics bring those pieces together in one place. No more cobbling together reports or exporting your data to get accurate metrics on your marketing campaign.


Track the bottom-line

See how your overall campaign goals are being achieved with real-time analytics against your important marketing goals.

Monitor Contribution

Campaigns shows you how each individual marketing channel is contributing to your bottom line.

On-the-fly Adjustments

Individual channel analytics make it easy to see how marketers can make timely adjustments to their marketing campaign for the best results.

Philip Martin
Once we started using HubSpot we were able to consolidate everything. We had much better visibility about what we were doing.
Philip Martin
Head of Marketing, Amadeus Rail
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How Campaigns fit into your inbound plan.


HubSpot’s Campaigns app lets you see how your top-of-funnel content is performing, like blog, keywords and social media, to help you turn more strangers into visitors.


Converting those visitors into leads takes work. But with the Campaigns app, reporting on the HubSpot tools that help you do that, like landing pages and CTAs, doesn’t.


If getting more customers is your goal, Campaigns app will show you which channels are best at bringing in people who buy.


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