Grow your email marketing database, segment and target your email campaigns, store all of your contacts and analytics data in one place.

    • Email: Easily build beautiful emails your prospects will actually like opening.
    • Segmentation: Create focused lists based on lead behavior and target them to get the best results.
    • Analyze: Store your email, lead and marketing analytics data in the same place for richer and easier reporting.
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    Target: Create targeted segments of your marketing database

    Good email marketing is all about segmenting your audience and sending relevant information. HubSpot keeps all of your marketing data in one place so you can quickly and easily send targeted campaigns.

    • Import your leads into HubSpot with all their custom fields.
    • Capture web browsing history, form submissions and email analytics all in one place.
    • Personalize your email with dynamic merge tags from any field.
    • Sync HubSpot with your CRM for integrated marketing bliss.


    Create: Build beautiful emails that get opened and clicked

    Emails should add value. Instead, most add clutter. With inbound marketing powered by HubSpot, your prospects will look forward to your emails.

    • Create beautiful, deliverable emails easily.
    • Personalize your email with any field from your marketing database.
    • Access email analytics to track the impact of your messages.
    • Create your own design or use one of HubSpot's templates.
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    Personalize: Use any field from your marketing database or CRM

    Your emails shouldn't feel like they're coming from a robot. Personalize your email campaigns with any field from your HubSpot marketing database.

    • Personalize the content in the email with any field from your database or CRM.
    • Customize the "From" and "Reply to" fields.
    • Add custom fields to the email subject line.


    Analyze: View detailed email reports on your contacts

    Track the success your email campaigns right down to the contact. HubSpot gives you big picture email reports and granular contact click details.

    • Track delivery, opens, and clicks.
    • Store email analytics, browsing history and forms submissions for all your leads in one place.
    • Make email analytics easy with HubSpot.
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    Design: Build custom templates or use one of ours

    With HubSpot, you can create your own email html email templates, or choose from a library of templates that have been tested across email clients and mobile devices using Litmus Email Testing.

    • Use best practice templates and just drop in your logo and color scheme.
    • Create or use your existing email templates.
    • Have a HubSpot partner build a custom email template for your business.


    Capture: Grow your database with easy-to-use forms

    Your email database depreciates by 25% every year. HubSpot makes it easy to create forms and landing pages to capture inbound leads from your site. Generate inbound leads and grow your marketing database the right way.

    • Easily create forms and landing pages with no HTML required.
    • Host your forms and landing pages on HubSpot, or embed them on your existing site.
    • Automatically trigger emails and list actions based on form submissions.
    • Track your landing page analytics and improve your marketing.
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