Tech Service: Dedicated IP for Email

Most emails sent through HubSpot use shared IP addresses. We have consistently high Sender Scores and a team of email deliverability experts charged with maintaining best-in-class deliverability ratings for those shared IPs. Because the Sender Score of a shared IP is largely determined by the behavior and deliverability of the whole group however, some senders prefer to use their own IP address to have more control over their individual sender reputation and deliverability. For those customers, HubSpot offers a dedicated IP for $500/month.

Is a Dedicated IP Right for Me?

You should consider purchasing a dedicated IP if you:

  •       Maintain permission-based, engaged lists of contacts.
  •       Need complete control over your sending reputation.
  •       Send more than 25,000 messages every month.
  •       Want to authenticate and send as your domain, not

What are the Benefits?

One or more dedicated IP addresses.
 The number of IP addresses needed is determined by our Email Deliverability Team. This is based on your present domain reputation, expected monthly volume, and expected volume growth.  Maintaining the reputation of these IPs is important as this premium product does not entitle you to endless new IPs.

Creation of the custom DNS configuration.
 We will set up the correct configuration for your emails to start using your new dedicated IP addresses. Your organization must have the ability to make changes to your DNS settings, as HubSpot will not access your DNS or make changes on your behalf. 

A custom IP warm-up plan including direct consultation on up to five campaigns. A new dedicated IP address requires a gradual warm-up plan to establish a positive reputation. You will be paired with a technical consultant who will assist you in warming up your new IP address and provide consultation on the performance of up to 5 campaigns.

24x7x365 IP and domain reputation monitoring.
 The reputation of your new IP address and your domain are critical to high email deliverability. With our program, we will consistently monitor your IP address and domain to maintain a high Sender Score. If there are ever any issues, we will assist you in troubleshooting to sustain high deliverability.

How Do I Request a Dedicated IP?

A dedicated IP is an optional add-on that costs $500/month. To purchase a dedicated IP, contact your account manager or sales representative. They will answer any questions you have and connect you with a member of the HubSpot Email Deliverability Team for further consultation and your custom IP warm-up plan.

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