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Predictive Lead Scoring Software

Automate lead qualification and prioritize follow-up by scoring your contacts across thousands of datapoints.

Use data from the entire buyer experience to optimize your outreach

The HubSpot platform collects all your customer context in one place --- from first page viewed to most recent deal closed, and everything in between. With lead scoring, use all that context to reach out to the right people at the right time.

  1. Predictive Score notification

    Automate lead qualification with Predictive scoring, powered by machine learning.

    Not sure which leads are best, or simply looking to save time? HubSpot’s predictive scoring uses machine learning to parse through thousands of data points in order to identify your best leads, so you don't have to. The best part: as with any application of machine learning, your predictive score gets smarter over time, so your lead follow-up strategy will optimize itself.

  2. Manual scoring

    Customize your score to your business with traditional scoring.

    Want more control over your scoring criteria? With traditional scoring in HubSpot, create your own criteria based on any of your HubSpot (or integrated) data: form submissions, page views, CTA clicks, email interactions, and more. Use your lead score to segment email lists, trigger rep notifications, or enable integrations. You can even adapt your web content to show different content to highly-qualified leads. 

  3. Multiple Scores

    Create multiple score sheets for your scaling business.

    If you have one audience, a single score suffices. But as your company scales, you’ll sell to new audiences. You might expand into new product lines, new regions, or new personas. You might focus more on upsell and cross-sell of existing customers. If your contacts aren’t “one size fits all,”  your scoring system shouldn’t be either. With HubSpot, create up to 25 different scoring sheets to ensure you're qualifying leads in the right way for every part of your business.

The lead scoring feature is brilliant. Our sales reps check their dashboard each day and see which leads they need to focus on. They can now focus on selling, rather than trying to identify the warmest leads.

Start optimizing your outreach now.

Lead scoring is included starting at the Professional tier. See it in action today.