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Predictive Lead Scoring Software

Close more deals using predictive lead scoring software to automatically prioritize leads based on thousands of data points.

  • Prioritize leads with data from the entire buyer experience

  • Create and customize new scoring systems to qualify leads

  • Focus on selling by automating your sales team’s repetitive tasks

  1. Close more deals with data-driven lead scoring.

    Manually consolidating, analyzing, and prioritizing leads can deplete your sales team’s time and bandwidth. With predictive lead scoring software, you can automate that process and give your team more time to focus on selling.

    HubSpot’s lead scoring software uses data points from the entire customer journey to analyze and score each lead. In turn, your team can close more deals with data-backed prioritization and perfectly timed follow-ups.

  1. Automate lead scoring with machine learning.

    As your business grows, your customer journeys become more complex, making lead scoring time-consuming. HubSpot’s predictive lead scoring uses machine learning to parse through thousands of data points to qualify leads. Over time, the system becomes smarter, creating a self-optimizing lead scoring system.
  2. Use custom scoring systems to qualify segments.

    With time, you might switch from upselling to cross-selling, expand to new regions, or broaden your audiences. Your lead scoring system should grow and evolve with you. With HubSpot, you can ensure every lead is qualified adequately, creating up to 25 different scoring systems for a customized approach.
  3. Use both traditional and predictive lead scoring.

    Take control of your lead scoring efforts by toggling between traditional and predictive lead scoring. Create new scoring criteria based on data from form submissions, page visits, and more. Then, use your lead score to segment email lists, trigger rep notifications, or personalize your web content.

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The lead scoring feature is brilliant. Our sales reps check their dashboard each day and see which leads they need to focus on. They can now focus on selling, rather than trying to identify the warmest leads.

Dan Moody

Digital Marketing Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Predictive lead scoring software is a machine-learning-assisted system designed to help replace or supplement manual lead prioritization. The software uses thousands of data points from a business’s CRM and their contacts’ previous buying patterns to create an “ideal customer.” Then, predictive lead scoring software qualifies and prioritizes current prospects that best fit that profile. This data-driven approach to prioritizing potential customers helps remove bias and save sales reps time.

  • The benefits of predictive lead scoring software include: 

    • Time saved from automating a manual process 
    • Better alignment between your marketing and sales teams
    • Reduced bias and human error in lead scoring
    • An ever-improving scoring system backed by machine learning