HubSpot Collect

Introducing HubSpot Collect, a new Chrome extension that helps seamlessly save content from around the web and turn your ideas into quality content.

Turn Your Ideas Into Content

HubSpot Collect is a Chrome extension that allows you connect the way you work, to how you work. No more having multiple tabs when doing content research or copying and pasting between multiple tools. Collect enables you to clip content ideas from around the web, and import Google Docs directly into HubSpot in one-click.

  1. HubSpot Collect - Clip from the web

    Save Ideas From Around The Web

    Save articles, images, and quotes in one-click with HubSpot Collect. No more manually writing down ideas or keeping a laundry-list of thoughts that get forgotten. With HubSpot Collect your ideas and research gets stored where you work so you will never again forget an idea.

  2. HubSpot Collect - Google Docs Integration

    Import Content from Google Docs

    Using the same Chrome Extension, import Google Docs right into HubSpot in one-click. Content you import will retain all major formatting and structure, no more copy and pasting required.

  3. HubSpot Collect

    Insert Research in One-Click

    Insert any ideas you, or your team, has clipped with HubSpot Collect into a blog post in one-click. HubSpot Collect will automatically attribute the researched source back to it's original link so you don't have to worry about it.

HubSpot Collect By The Numbers

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anything! 

    We'll call these "clips." A full article, image, video, quote snippet, audio clip, tweet, or any other type of media that can be repurposed or used in your own unique content.

  • Of course, these groupings are called "collections." We also make it easy to filter your clips by recency, user, and clip type.
  • Right now you can access your clips and collects from the Composer in the same area you would add an image. You can click on the "clips" option and browse your library right from within the creation experience.
  • Clips are available to all users within the HubSpot account they were saved to. If you use multiple HubSpot accounts you can select the primary account to save clips within settings of your HubSpot Collect extension.