A simple, easy-to-use productivity tool right where you’re already working: in HubSpot’s software.

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Spend less time managing, and more time marketing.

Get both a high-level and granular view of tasks, deadlines, and resources so you can get more done, faster.

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No need for another tool. Manage and execute your projects all in one place.

No more separate tools, spreadsheets, or task lists. Manage your projects in the same place you do all your marketing.

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    Plan, create, and launch your marketing projects – all within HubSpot’s software.

    Scattered emails, calendars, third-party tools, and color-coded spreadsheets? That’s an exhausting way of getting things done.

    Projects is one place for all your tasks, files, and communication. It integrates with the rest of your HubSpot Marketing tools so you can easily manage your projects with the same software you use to execute them. No third-party tools or log-ins required.

    You’ll save yourself hours searching for emails, notes, and documents when they’re all in the same tool you use for the rest of your marketing.

  2. HubSpot-Projects-Tool

    Accelerate your productivity and make teamwork more efficient.

    You and your team are busy building newsletters, launching new campaigns, running webinars, and more.

    Staying organized and effective isn’t always easy. And with multiple team members, tools, and tasks, it can quickly get confusing and difficult to get things done.

    With HubSpot projects, there’s a better way. For every task in a project, you can assign owners, set a due date, add attachments, and link to assets in other HubSpot tools like blog posts and site pages. You can also turn any project into a template, helping you create a repeatable process for future marketing work.

  3. HubSpot-Projects-Tool

    Get projects off the ground faster with pre-made to-do lists.

    No need to start from scratch. Just grab a pre-populated project template and get to work.

    Each template is like a marketing to-do list, walking you through every step of common marketing projects: building a newsletter, creating a content offer, redesigning your website, and so much more.

    Don’t waste time or effort reinventing the wheel. Everything is provided: the plan, the tasks, the timetable, and the resources to help. Templates are built by HubSpot’s own marketing experts and are available right where you already work: in your HubSpot software.

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A central hub for your marketing analytics. Learn which forms, pages, offers, and traffic sources are driving the most conversions.

Pop-up Forms

Easily add user-friendly, mobile-optimized pop-up forms to your website — no coding required.

Collected Forms

Already using forms? Fantastic. HubSpot's form collector automatically captures submissions, even if they come from a different tool.

Contacts Database

A single database for viewing and managing your interactions with contacts.

Kickback Emails

Follow up on form submissions with a quick email (or use your own ESP.)


Easily connect to MailChimp, WordPress, Weebly, Drupal, Shopify, Magento, and more with no extra dev work required.

Grow your business like a team twice your size.

Use HubSpot to streamline your marketing by bringing your team, tools, and data together in one place.

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