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Transactional-Email-3.pngYour funnel is working. You’ve grown your email list. Now, how do you engage the customers you have a relationship with? With HubSpot’s Transactional Email, you can send relationship-based emails to customers or users alike. Send automated commerce receipts, account updates, and system messages with full engagement tracking across all of your emails with one complete email solution.

How Does Transactional Email Work?

There are three ways to send transactional email with HubSpot. All are included in your subscription to the Transactional Email add-on:

  1. Transactional Email: You can create and send transactional emails directly within the same HubSpot interface you're used to.
  2. SMTP API: Hand us a fully-formed email via API, and we'll wrap the links, and add open and duration tracking to your emails. Using the SMTP API allows you reference one place, and the existing HubSpot email performance metrics, while continuing to use your existing system.
  3. Single-send API: This is the best of both worlds! You can continue to create, manage, and edit transactional emails right within HubSpot while using custom tokens to insert information from the transactional email API, such as items ordered, or shipping information.

Is a Transactional Email Right for Me?

You should consider purchasing transactional email if you:

  • Maintain subscription or membership-based lists of contacts.
  • Need to send relationship-based emails to high-volumes of recipients.
  • Want to track the performance of all your marketing and transactional email with a thorough understanding of metrics such as emails delivered, open, clicks, and more.

What are the Benefits?

Start sending transactional email in a matter of minutes. Using the same interface from your marketing emails, you can begin sending transactional email in minutes.

Automated Sending. Easily integrate with our SMTP Transactional API and automatically send commerce receipts, account updates, and other system emails.

Utilize one solution for all your email. Create and measure all of your email performance with one common solution by sending your marketing and transactional email through HubSpot. 

Full Email Analytics. Track the performance of your transactional email with a thorough understanding of emails delivered, clicks, opens, bounces, and more.

Dedicated IP. Manage your own email sender reputation and deliverability with a dedicated IP for your transactional emails. With a great email sending reputation, that HubSpot's own email consultants will help you get started, you can ensure high deliverability and engagement.

Check out our developer documentation to learn how to integrate with HubSpot's SMTP API and send transactional email.

How Do I Request Transactional Email?

Transactional email is an optional add-on that costs $600/month and includes a dedicated IP specifically for your transactional emails sent. To purchase transactional email, contact your account manager or sales representative. To learn more, please visit this knowledge base documentation:

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