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Stop Letting Customer Issues Slip Through the Cracks

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  1. Create ticket from conversation

    Log, organize, and keep track of customer issues all in one place.

    As your customer base grows, the easier it is to let customer issues slip through the cracks. Emails get lost, spreadsheets become unmanageable, and customers suffer.

    With HubSpot's tickets tool, you can record, organize, and track all your customers’ issues in one dashboard that’s accessible to your entire team. You’ll never question the status of a ticket, where it is in the queue, or how long it took to get resolved.

    Then, keep track of key support metrics like agent response time, ticket volume, and more so you can effectively manage customer demand, coach your support team to be successful, and ultimately provide a better customer experience.

  2. Ticket automation

    Automate tickets to create a help desk.

    Use automation to create efficiencies so your team spends less time on manual data entry, and more time helping customers succeed.

    Add routing and automation to tickets to create a help desk.

    When a customer fills out a form, sends an email, or reaches out through live chat, HubSpot can automatically create a ticket based on who it’s from and the source of the message, and route it to the right person on your team for help.

  3. Email customer from Tickets-1

    Prioritize requests so critical issues get resolved faster.

    Any support team knows that not all issues are equally urgent. With HubSpot's help desk tools, you can prioritize support requests so your team can tackle the most critical issues first.

    Quickly assign owners and stages to individual tickets, and HubSpot will organize them into a personalized pipeline of work for each member of your team.

    Tickets also feature helpful information about customers' history, product details, service issues, and more so your team has all the right context to deliver helpful, personalized support to each and every customer — faster.

Customer Service Software That Turns Customers Into Promoters


Manage 1-to-1 customer communications at scale through a universal, collaborative, inbox that aggregates customer emails, chats, and more — and is accessible to your entire team.


Log customer issues as tickets that can be assigned to members of your team, organized and prioritized, and tracked in a central location.


Get a pulse on customer happiness, and deploy surveys to gather feedback that can be used to build a better customer experience.

Automation & Routing

Automate your customer service processes with ticket routing, escalation, and task creation. Use feedback responses to kick off automated customer marketing emails or internal notifications to your team.

Knowledge Base

Turn your customers’ most frequently asked support questions and tickets into a robust, optimized knowledge base of help articles and documentation that’s indexed in search engines.

Team Email

Create team-wide email aliases that automatically turn incoming emails into tickets or get routed to your conversations dashboard.

Live Chat

Engage in contextual, personalized customer service conversations with your customers in real time on your website.

Conversational Bots

Use bots to improve live chat efficiencies and scale 1-to-1 communications by routing customers to relevant help documentation, the appropriate chat agent, and more.


Measure the impact of your customer service efforts with built-in reporting tools that track knowledge base usage data, ticket volume and response time, customer feedback, and more.


Report on metrics related to a specific customer goal, like ticket response time. Use goals to easily track and meet customer service level agreements (SLAs).

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