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Why HubSpot Social Inbox is better.

How most social media tools work:

  • View clickthroughs

    Social media tools often give you the ability to view the clickthrough activity around any links you post to your social accounts. This is helpful but not sufficient for more than surface analysis.

  • Stand-alone tools

    Social media tools are often isolated and disconnected from the other software you use, forcing you to cobble together data from many sources.

How HubSpot Social Inbox works:

  • Focuses on people

    HubSpot's Social Inbox takes monitoring further than keywords by focusing on the people who matter to your business. View social activity by customers, leads, or any other segment you want.

  • View entire interaction history

    Because HubSpot analytics spans all tools, you get insight into the entire interaction history of everyone who visits from social media, from what pages they visit to how often to whether or not they're a customer.

  • 100% integrated tools

    HubSpot's integrated toolset makes data analysis easy because all tools are completely integrated and work together. There is no need to cobble data together, it's all there in one place.

Elevate and prioritize social media leads across your organization.

So long, anonymous interactions. Social Inbox gives you the context you need to prioritize all your social media activity.



Social Inbox helps marketing find the right prospects, at the right time, maximizing opportunities for personalization of content. This kind of contextualized interaction not only leads to a more authentic social media experience, but also brings your team closer to sales opportunities.



Your sales team benefits from Social Inbox, too. Reps can monitor a list made up of only their leads and make the decision to respond from their personal Twitter accounts within HubSpot, or they can send an email instead.



Think social is only for marketing and sales teams? Think again. With Social Inbox everyone benefits from contextualized information from social media, even support. Provide customer service reps with notification when a customer tweets a reply to your company. They can even target specific keywords to track customer sentiment.

How Social Inbox works.

Creating a new stream.

  1. Select a segmented list. Create and select a highly segmented smart list based on customers, lead score, event, or anything else you want to monitor. In this example we’re choosing a list made up of leads with a score over 80.
  2. Choose keywords to follow. When you combine one of your contact lists with the keywords you follow, you get an amazingly targeted list of contacts who are talking about the topics that matter to you.
  3. Predict stream volume. Social Inbox predicts what volume your custom stream might get (e.g. 4 tweets/day vs. 100 tweets/day) allowing you to know whether your stream will be helpful or overwhelming.
  4. Alert your team. Send alerts to different team members based on who should take action on them. Send notifications immediately or batch them daily.
creating a stream

Monitoring your stream.

HubSpot’s powerful monitoring screen shows you more about who is talking on social media than ever before.

  1. Color-coded lifecycle stage: immediately know whether someone is a prospect, lead or customer.
  2. View your contact’s follower and following count to see how influential they are.
  1. Reply, re-tweet, favorite, share, or email them—all within HubSpot.
  2. View a record of the entire conversation, both what you and the contact has said.
  1. View the contact’s sales rep to see if sales has already had interaction with them.
  2. Easily click through to view full contact info, including a history of all interactions with the lead.

Analytics that prove the ROI of social media.

HubSpot takes the guesswork out of social media strategy with robust analytics.

social media strategy

See how each of your posts performed with your prospects and leads.

You put time into crafting the perfectly worded 140-character tweet. HubSpot helps you see if others found it to be just as brilliant. Get micro-level data for every click, comment, retweet and favorite. Bask in the glory of a well-loved social share.

  1. Get top-level data on each social share, from number of clicks to total interactions.
  2. See which of your existing contacts has clicked on your social content. Even save them to a list for future related emails.
social media

See how Social Media affects your bottom line.

When it comes to social, every interaction counts. But HubSpot also enables you to see the big picture of how social media is affecting your marketing. See the influence your total efforts have had on generating visits, leads and customers. Use that data to better allocate your resources.

  1. Track the number of visits and leads generated by social media.
  2. Compare the performance of social channels against each other to determine the best investment.
  3. See which social media efforts and campaigns brought in the most customers.

Stay connected effortlessly with Social Media Publishing.

Social media publishing

Save time, increase your reach, and stay connected to your leads.

  1. Post to one or multiple accounts or groups at once. Share relevant content to Facebook and Twitter all at once or send relevant articles to multiple LinkedIn groups or Company Pages with one click.
  2. Get suggested times. Use our research to help publish your posts at the times that drive results. Republish a post as many times as you’d like.
  3. Attach your content easily. You never have to leave the window to find, copy and paste your content into a post.
  4. See your upcoming scheduled posts. An easy-to-read calendar view shows you the days you already have social content scheduled.
  5. Tie posts to campaigns. See what type of content does best by grouping posts into campaigns and measuring collective results.

Social media that advances your marketing goals.

  • See how many visits, leads and customers social has generated.

    Most social media tools only enable you to see short-term interactions. HubSpot shows you the full ROI of your efforts, from clicks to customer conversions.

  • Automatically enrich contact profiles with social data.

    When a lead converts on your site, HubSpot stores the social information associated with their email, so you can track how recently they clicked on your social content.

  • Simplify your social shares with scheduling and suggested times.

    Easily set up posts for LinkedIn groups, Facebook, or Twitter and get suggestions as to what times work best.

  • Use the bookmarklet to post on the go.

    Build up your queue of social shares on the go. HubSpot’s browser bookmarklet enables you to schedule shares without having to open your full account.

The power of HubSpot is integration.


Customers aren’t tied to a single channel. Your analytics shouldn’t be either. HubSpot analytics bring together data from every marketing channel you fuel, enabling you to compare the relative impact of social media and email or paid ads and organic SEO.

Search Engine Optimization

Because your blog has its own analytics, you can see how your blog is doing at bringing traffic to your website, and how each individual post is contributing to your bottom line.

Lead Management

The power of Social Inbox lies in its ability to tie your social interactions to your existing HubSpot Contacts Database, so you can focus on the people and activity that matters most to your business. Never miss a mention from your highest scoring lead again.

Where Social Inbox fits into your inbound plan.

  • Attract: Use HubSpot’s Social Media tools to attract the right traffic to your site. Monitor chatter around key industry terms while effectively promoting your own blog content, too. The tool’s scheduling feature makes it easy to manage your engagement while building trust and growing your reach.
  • Convert: Share and promote your HubSpot landing pages and track precisely which leads are interacting with your content. Use this information to tailor future campaigns to these individuals’ specific interactions and social media preferences.
  • Close: Identify which leads are interacting with your shared social media content to nurture these leads into customers. Does a particular lead repeatedly click on your SEO-related content? This might be a good topic for a series of lead nurturing emails.
  • Delight: Use your social media interactions to provide ongoing, personalized customer service that delights customers and turns them into promoters. Answer their questions, strengthen rapport, and keep your company name on the tip of their tongues.
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