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Advanced Marketing Reporting

Engage customers and drive growth with multi-touch revenue attribution and customer journey analytics reporting tools.

  • Connect every customer interaction to revenue.

  • Analyze conversion rates and time between steps.

  • Create an ideal customer journey that drives revenue.

  1. Measure and optimize your marketing investments.

    Marketing professionals are under increasing pressure to prove their effectiveness. That can be hard to do when you don't have the right tools. 

    Using multi-touch revenue attribution and customer journey analytics, you can now prove your business impact, optimize your campaigns, and make budget decisions with greater certainty than before. 

  1. Know which marketing efforts drive revenue.

    As a marketer, you want to be seen as a strategic partner - a revenue driver that can help your company make informed decisions. Multi-touch revenue attribution helps you connect the dots between marketing activities and sales. Track how your leads interact with email campaigns, social media, and landing pages. Use that data to direct your time and budget towards initiatives with the highest business impact.
  2. Make your customer connections more effective.

    Every marketing moment matters. Without actionable data, it can be hard to find out if your customers are engaging with your brand as much as you’d like. With customer journey analytics, you can visualize the impact of your marketing efforts. Analyze conversion rates and time between touchpoints. By understanding what works and what doesn't, you can refine your strategies.
  3. Unify your data to deliver better customer experiences.

    With advanced marketing reporting, you can get the data you need to understand your customers better. Use that data to improve their experiences and build better relationships. HubSpot’s flexible, customizable dashboards let you combine customer journey analytics with multi-touch revenue attribution data to see what matters most to your business.

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Senior Manager of Marketing, Schellman

Implementing multi-touch revenue attribution reporting and analyzing customer journey patterns was a game changer. This has increased the transparency of our reports, elevated the customer experience, strengthened our marketing efforts, and enhanced our credibility.

Steve Mindrup

Senior Manager of Marketing


Frequently Asked Questions

  • To use both multi-touch revenue attribution and customer journey analytics, you need Marketing Hub Enterprise.

  • Popular features of HubSpot multi-touch revenue attribution include the ability to: 

    • Assign credit to marketing tactics with built-in revenue attribution modeling.
    • Measure which sources, assets, and interactions had the greatest impact on revenue.
    • Make strategic decisions by analyzing which actions contributed to revenue growth.

  • HubSpot customer journey analytics includes all of the following popular features (and more!): 

    • Generate actionable insights by mixing and matching, filtering, and setting touchpoints to account for the various and unique journeys contacts take.
    • View the impact of the interactions a contact has with your business.
    • Measure touchpoint quality with conversion rates and time between-step calculations to evaluate where you’re meeting your goals and where you can optimize.
  • HubSpot’s advanced marketing reporting tools are perfect for teams using multiple channels that want specialized reporting to help shape their strategy and better understand their bottom line. It’s a great way to optimize specific conversion paths.

    If you’re looking for more simplified features to measure and optimize marketing investments, HubSpot also offers reporting features with the Free and Professional editions of Marketing Hub.