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Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation in HubSpot allows you to break through the noise with compelling marketing campaigns, powered by real-time customer data.

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  • This feature is available for free, with additional functionality in paid editions of Marketing Hub. See the pricing page for more information.
    • Intuitive visual workflows and bot builders make it easy to create robust, automated campaigns across email, ads, web, chat, and more.
    • Simple email and form automation helps businesses automate routine tasks and build a foundational marketing strategy.
    • A wide library of HubSpot integrations allows you to extend campaigns across SMS, in-product marketing, and many other channels.
  1. Designing a best-in-class customer experience has never been easier.

    Consumers are inundated with marketing messages across channels and touchpoints. HubSpot’s marketing automation software helps marketers break through the noise with compelling campaigns that allow you to reach your customers where they are. 

    HubSpot brings the customer journey inside your CRM, giving you the tools to give your marketing a personal touch and set up efficient internal processes without burning the midnight oil. 


  1. Automate lead nurturing with email drip campaigns

    Automate your email campaigns and move prospects further down the funnel while generating more leads.

    Build beautiful emails with no coding required.

    Then choose from dozens of triggers, conditions, and actions to send the right emails to the right leads at the right time. Easily gauge which campaigns work by tying each workflow to a clear goal. Leverage the full breadth of HubSpot’s email marketing platform to simultaneously grow and replenish your database.
  2. Easily visualize, customize your workflows.

    Create sophisticated, targeted workflows with ease, and give every contact in your database the attention they deserve.

    The visual editor makes it easy to envision workflows in real time – whether you’re building simple follow-up campaigns or complex, multi-stage journeys.

    Use advanced segmentation logic to determine exactly who gets enrolled in your workflows and when. Then personalize your emails for each recipient using specific details from your CRM.
  3. Automate dozens of tasks beyond just email.

    Put time back into your day by automating simple tasks.

    Use workflows to set up webhooks, score leads, rotate leads to sales, and easily manage your data in bulk by updating properties, copying values, and more.

    Trigger internal notifications for your team when a contact takes a noteworthy action. Then ensure timely follow-ups with automated task reminders within your CRM.

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