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AI Social Media Caption Generator

Public Beta

Create engaging copy for your social media posts in a flash with an AI caption generator that does all the heavy lifting.

  • Scale your social content output by automating copy generation

  • Instantly rewrite your content to get more ideas for your posts

  • Test different prompts to get creative copy that engages your audience

  1. Create engaging social captions quickly.

    Without an engaging caption, even the best social posts can be passed over. After carefully planning, art directing, and editing posts, you may lack the mental bandwidth to develop share-worthy copy.

    Beat writer’s block and create copy that drives likes, follows, and shares using HubSpot’s AI-powered social caption generator. Then easily share and track your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter post performance using HubSpot’s built-in dashboards.

  1. Generate and optimize social copy in a flash.

    With HubSpot’s social caption generator, you can easily create and refine copy to fit your brand voice and target audience. Generate a caption by inputting a short post description, and refine it automatically by entering specifics about your audience and the desired tone.
  2. Create content for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

    As your business grows, you’ll want to reach and engage your target audience on all the social media platforms they use most. With the AI caption generator, you can easily create relevant copy for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, ensuring you hit the sweet spot on any platform.
  3. Scale your social content output with less effort.

    Maintaining a consistent stream of high-quality content is one of the best ways to stay top-of-mind with your audience, but doing so can also strain your bandwidth. With automated social copy generation, you can easily turn simple, everyday posts into opportunities for engagement such as polls, trivia, and question-based captions.
  4. Create, publish, and track your social posts in one place.

    The AI social caption generator is natively integrated with HubSpot’s platform, allowing you to create, publish, and track social posts in one place. Once you get started, built-in reporting can help you identify top-performing content, analyze audience trends, and even optimize posting times.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • An AI social caption generator is a part of HubSpot’s content assistant tool that automatically creates social media copy based on simple inputs such as a description of the content, desired tone, and character count. Some AI caption generators may also provide users with hashtags and emoji suggestions based on their prompts. By using this tool, which is currently in beta, you acknowledge and agree to HubSpot’s Beta Terms.

  • You can help AI generate your ideal post by feeding it specific prompts such as: 

    • Tone (e.g., lighthearted, professional, sarcastic)
    • Description of the content (e.g., “a professional LinkedIn post announcing a promotion from copywriter to art director”)
    • Emoji and hashtag requirements
    • Character count restrictions
    • Desired post format (e.g., “a three-option poll”)
  • Using an AI social copy generator can help users:

    • Beat creative blocks by automating the copywriting process.
    • Save time and scale their content output.
    • Copy edit, rewrite, and refresh existing caption ideas on demand.
    • Reduce grammar and spelling errors.