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Free IT Ticketing System

Keep track of requests in one shared, team inbox to stay organized, create process efficiencies, prioritize incoming requests, and optimize for more effective service.

Get started with HubSpot's IT ticketing system.
  • This feature is available for free, with additional functionality in premium editions of HubSpot. See the pricing page for more information.

    • Quickly prioritize important conversations and issues

    • Use automation and insightful reporting to improve your speed and processes

    • Provide context across all your customer-facing teams with an integration with HubSpot’s CRM

  1. Resolve IT issues faster and more efficiently.

    Too often, teams waste time digging for information across various systems and conversations.

    HubSpot’s IT ticketing system is built on top of our CRM tool, giving agents access to historical conversations, deal information, and purchase history. You’ll be able to provide prompt, accurate responses, so your team can focus on what matters. All conversations are recorded in the CRM automatically so every department stays in the loop.


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  1. Keep an eye on tickets in one place.

    There's nothing worse than conversations getting lost in the shuffle. Use a shared inbox for your IT ticketing system to keep track of open issues and get a bird’s eye view of their status.
    Create ITs tickets direct from conversations.
  2. Send tickets to the right agents.

    HubSpot's dedicated IT ticketing system harnesses automation to create tickets and route them appropriately, as well as generating tags to organize and prioritize conversations.
    Automate IT requests with this ticketing system.
  3. Manage your workload and prioritize incoming issues.

    Which tickets need to be addressed first? With HubSpot, you can assign owners and keep track of the status of each ticket.

    You’ll have clarity on which issues are the most pressing, so that critical tickets will get tackled first.
    Provide quick IT ticket responses.
  4. Improve your team’s performance with detailed reporting.

    Create clear dashboards to understand what’s driving your top requests, monitor team performance, and track volume across all of your channels. Share valuable insight across the organization to improve service delivery.
    Track IT tickets over time.

Have questions? Give us a call and we'll walk you through it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • An IT ticketing system is the main source of communication and management of service requests coming from employees to your support team. By providing ticket management and tracking information, support teams can organize and resolve issues to restore your business to normal operations at scale.

  • Popular HubSpot IT ticketing system features:

    • One to one IT support communications at scale
    • Ticket help desk routing and automation
    • Ticket monitoring and progress tracking
    • Knowledge base creation and management
    • Feedback surveys
  • You can get started with Hubspot’s IT ticketing system for free. If you are looking for more advanced features to help automate and scale your support operations, HubSpot offers premium features with its Starter, Professional, and Enterprise options.

  • Absolutely. There is no programming required to start using Service Hub. We've created Service Hub with automation and contextual guidance built right in so you can start scaling your support operations in minutes — not months. And if you're looking for more customization and expertise, our solutions partners offer a wide range of specialized support to help you get the most out of your HubSpot implementation.

  • You'll find more than 500 custom integrations in our App Marketplace. From JIRA to SurveyMonkey to Facebook Messenger, it's easy to connect HubSpot to your service team's favorite tools in just a few clicks. We want you to spend less time toggling between different tools and more time working hands-on with your customers.

  • HubSpot’s CRM contains all of your customers’ details. Including access to HubSpot's CRM means that all of your customer-facing teams can unite around a complete view of the customer. Beyond that, having a CRM attached directly to your IT service desk makes it easy to gather and analyze customer needs, so you can surface powerful insights that drive impact in the rest of your organization.